Trojan Voodoo

Trojan Voodoo
Umberto Robina explaining his plan, which includes the need for a Haitian Voodoo, to weaken the Haitians by destroying their processing plant in Little Haiti.

Umberto Robina explaining his plan, which includes the need for a Haitian Voodoo, to weaken the Haitians by destroying their processing plant in Little Haiti.
Game GTA Vice City
For Umberto Robina
Target Haitian Drug Factory
Location Little Havana, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Death of Pepe
Death of Rico
Death of the Cubans
Entering the Haitian Drug Factory too soon
Failure to plant the explosives in time
Reward $10,000
Accessible Minigun spawn point
Haitians become hostile towards Tommy Vercetti
Unlocked by Naval Engagement
Dirty Lickin's

Trojan Voodoo is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Cubans leader Umberto Robina from his father's café in Little Havana, Vice City.


Tommy Vercetti, having secretly assisted the Haitians in a street fight against the Cubans while under Auntie Poulet's control, returns to Café Robina to get more work from Cubans leader Umberto Robina. Robina, who had previously talked about destroying the Haitians, is first seen attempting to chat up two female customers at his fathers café but fails, with the two leaving as Vercetti arrives. Robina tells Vercetti that he needs to locate a Haitian Voodoo car to gain access to the Haitians' processing plant to plant explosives, which combined with the solvent present in the factory would cause a large explosion.

Vercetti locates and steals a Voodoo and, along with Pepe, drive to a meeting point in Little Haiti and meet with Rico, who escaped certain death. Vercetti and Pepe, inside the Voodoo, drive to the plants entrance and are granted access, driving the vehicle just outside of the plant. The two exit the car and Vercetti begins to plant three sets of explosives inside the building within a short space of time while Pepe and other Cubans provide cover. After Vercetti plants the bombs he and the other Cubans look to escape the plant through the gate but find it locked. They do, however, locate a staircase granting them access to a road next to the plant. Shortly after Vercetti escapes the explosives detonate, causing a great deal of damage to both the building and the Haitians, many of whom are also killed.


(Café Robina, Umberto Robina approaches two women in his fathers café.)

Umberto Robina: Hey! Heh heh heh... Hey, ladies. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna kill me a Haitian. And then? And then I'm going to make love like a man. You know that, chica? Something like this.

(Umberto starts humping the air and one of the women throws coffee on his crotch. Then the women leave)

Umberto Robina: ARRRGH!!

Female Customer 1: Loser!

Female Customer 2: Prick.

Umberto Robina: Hey, baby, I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole! Umberto Robina, he likes the ladies! Not some goat in a skirt!

(Tommy Vercetti arrives)

Umberto Robina: Tommy!! Tommy, I love you, I love you! Let's go!

Tommy Vercetti: Go where? Can't I get a cup of coffee first?

Umberto Robina: No time for coffee! Besides, I just had one.

Tommy Vercetti: Oh.

Umberto Robina: We gonna take out the Haitians. Tommy, how do you take out a snake? You bite him in the ass! Hahaha!

Tommy Vercetti: Whatever you say, Umberto.

Umberto Robina: Tommy, you go and get us a little Haitian car. When you get it, come back and pick up my boy, Pepe, and take him out to the Haitians. Then, you go around to the Haitians processing plant, and you use their solvent as an explosive. Boom! Bye bye!

Tommy Vercetti: Whatever you say, Umberto.

Umberto Robina: Hey Tommy! Tommy! Use their solvent as an explosive. Boom! Bye bye!

Tommy Vercetti: Umberto, what about you?

Umberto Robina: Uhh... I'm going to stay behind, and watch over the cafe with Poppa. He not feeling so good. You know?

(Little Havana, Tommy Vercetti)

Tommy Vercetti: The last thing I needed was this. Maybe the last thing I needed was an enema. But this comes close...

(Tommy acquires a Voodoo)

Pepe: Oye, let's go find our muchachos!

(If Tommy drives into northern Little Havana without taking the main road)

Pepe: Man, this a nice part of town...

(If Tommy drives past the Little Havana Streetwear & Tattoo Parlour)

Pepe: I had a beautiful woman... lived around this neighborhood.

(If Tommy drives into western Little Haiti)

Pepe: This place is a dump, man.

(If Tommy drives past the Little Haiti Well Stacked Pizza Co. restaurant)

Pepe: You know, they do nice pizzas here.

(If Tommy drives close to the destination, regardless of speed)

Pepe: Whoah, man. You drive like a crazy bitch!

(If Tommy drives for more than a minute)

Pepe: You lost, man?

(Meeting spot, Rico, Pepe and Tommy Vercetti)

Rico: Hola, amigos. Oy - the solvent is round the back, amigo.

Pepe: Bueno. Haitian Putas. Muerte.

Rico: Vamos.

Tommy Vercetti: Vamos indeed.

Pepe: Follow my compadres.

(Drug plant, Tommy Vercetti)

Tommy Vercetti: I'm going to plant the bomb, cover me!


The reward for the successful completion of this mission is $10,000. The Haitians now become hostile to Tommy Vercetti, regardless of whether he is armed or not and regardless of what he is wearing.


  • The mission is an obvious reference to the Trojan Horse, where the Greeks defeated the Trojans by secret entry into their castle by hiding inside a wooden horse.
  • Rico returns in this mission despite seemingly being killed during the mission Naval Engagement when his Jetmax is attacked by two Haitians.


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