The Übermacht badge.
The Übermacht badge.

Übermacht is a German automotive company in the HD Universe. It is a parody of German automaker BMW, as its Oracle and Sentinel vehicles are derived from BMW designs, and the Rebla resembles a hybrid of the BMW X5 with the Porsche Cayenne). The term "übermacht" is German for "supremacy" or "superior". Much like Benefactor, the cars have modified versions, in reference to BMW's in-house tuning division, BMW M , however, much like Benefactor, most of the modifications are purely for show. In Grand Theft Auto V, Übermacht is also the manufacturer of the cranes on various construction sites.

Advertisement for the Oracle commonly seen on billboards in the city.

An Oracle ad parodying BMW's ad style is seen on billboards around the city, including one at Star Junction. It shows a picture of the car with the caption, "Automatic Arrogance". According to Time magazine, German luxury automakers were known to be "Teutonic and utilitaria" with dealers described as "arrogant". [1]


Vehicle Style Based on Appears in Variants
Oracle Sedan 2002-2008 BMW 7 Series Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rebla Crossover SUV 1999-2006 BMW X5 Yes Yes Yes No
Sentinel Sports Coupe 2001-2006 BMW M3 (GTA IV era)
2005 BMW 3-Series E93 (GTA V)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zion 2-door sports Coupé 2003-2010 BMW 6 Series No No No Yes