Vehicles in The Ballad of Gay Tony

A Police Stinger, a fast police vehicle exclusively available during multiplayer, is introduced in this episode.

This is a list of vehicles are exclusive to or modified in The Ballad of Gay Tony, the second and final episode for Grand Theft Auto IV. All vehicles from GTA IV and some from The Lost and Damned are available in The Ballad of Gay Tony. There are 20 new vehicles introduced to the episode and four returning in their modified variant or were inaccessible until now. Some names from the GTA III era, like the Caddy and the Tampa make a return.


  • Buffalo - The civilian version of the FIB Buffalo.
  • Bullet GT - A very fast supercar, speed-butting heads with the Comet.
  • F620 - A New supercar with good speed and handling.
  • Schafter - A more modern, and updated version of the Schafter from GTA IV.
  • Serrano - An SUV with superior speed.
  • Stretch E - A Schafter limousine, inaccessible in Multiplayer.
  • Super Diamond - A Rolls-Royce inspired vehicle, inaccessible in Multiplayer.
  • Super Drop Diamond - A two-door variant of the Super Diamond, can only be obtained through Yusuf Amir, inaccessible in Multiplayer.
  • Tampa - A well rounded muscle car.


  • Akuma - New sport bike with good speed and perfect suspension
  • Vader - New sport bike with moderate speed and handling
  • Faggio - An updated, retro version of the Faggio from GTA IV



  • Blade - Fast boat with perfect speed.
  • Floater - Small boat for luxury rides toHappiness Island.
  • Smuggler - The boat for smuggling drugs from Latin America, it boasts great acceleration and speed.

Law Enforcement

  • APC - Featuring an explosive cannon, near-bulletproof armor, and a sloped front to ram vehicles out of the way.
  • Police Bike - Only motorbike in the game with a 1-person carrying capacity.
  • Police Stinger - Fastest vehicle in the game; a Presidente with greatly increased speed and police livery.
  • Police Cruiser - A Buffalo with police livery.


Returning from The Lost and Damned

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