Willard (manufacturer)

This article is about the manufacturer. For the car of the same name, see Willard.

Willard is an automotive company, first appearing in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The nameplate reappears in the HD Universe, where it is based on real-life companies Buick and Mercury. The logo is somewhat shaped like the Hudson Motors logo, the squiggle inside slightly resembling the classic Chrysler winged emblem. Some vehicles in GTA IV can be seen with license plate frames that say "Liberty City Willard," suggesting they were purchased at the city's Willard dealership.

The Elegant is advertised in GTA San Andreas as a Willard model.

Vehicles in 3D Universe

Vehicles in HD Universe

Vehicle Style Based on Appears in Variants
Faction Muscle Car 1978-1987 Grand National, GNX, or T-Type Yes Yes Yes TBD
Marbelle Sedan 1977-1978 Lincoln Versailles Yes Yes Yes TBD
Solair Station Wagon 2000-2005 Mercury Sable Yes Yes Yes TBD
Willard Sedan 1986-1991 Buick LeSabre Yes Yes Yes TBD