Under the Gun

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Under the Gun
Huang training for battle
Huang training for battle

Huang training for battle
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Kenny Lee
Location Cerveza Heights, Dukes, Liberty City
Reward $50
Unlocks Payback
Liberty City Gun Club: Pistol round
Dumpster Diving
Unlocked by Pursuit Farce

Under the Gun is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by his uncle and Lee Family head Wu "Kenny" Lee from his restaurant in Cerveza Heights, Dukes, Liberty City.


Huang Lee goes to meet his uncle, who informs Huang that he has been forced to withdraw from the race to take over from Triad leader Hsin Jaoming. He tells Huang that because of this, some thugs have begun threatening his businesses. He has Huang visit his master-at-arms, a woman called Ling Shan who Huang had already met. She has Huang punch and kick a dummy, before giving Huang a gun to practice on the dummy. After the dummy is destroyed, Kenny exits his building and tells the duo to help one of his restaurants, which is under attack from some street thugs. Ling takes her gun back and, on the way, has Huang search through a dumpster to find a gun. The two then run to the restaurant and confront a thug, who shoots and kills Ling. Huang then kills three thugs, before going to the restaurants roof and killing a fourth thug. After the restaurant owner complains about the two taking to long, Huang moves to the edge of the restaurants roof and sees an Ambulance drive off with Ling's body.


Kenny Lee: Being unable to present Hsin with the sword, as I'd promised... has forced me to step down as a potential heir for leader.

Huang Lee: I'm sorry, Uncle, but as soon as we get the sword back, you'll be able to reclaim your position. Meanwhile, my father remains dead.

Kenny Lee: Thank you, Huang... but recovering the sword... is no longer the most pressing matter. My businesses are being threatened by ignoble street thugs who think I'm finished. They kick someone when they are down. I knew a proverb about that once, but I forgot it.

Huang Lee: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

Kenny Lee: No.

Huang Lee: Look before you leap?

Kenny Lee: No. Anyways, that's not important right now. What is important is that I'm getting buggered by a lot of dudes, and that is not my scene. It's war, Nephew. I need you to get some weapons training. And Huang - despite the horrors of your father's death, I am glad you're here.

(Huang goes to the back of the building, and Ling Shan walks out from another building)

Huang Lee: Ling? ... You're Kenny's master-at-arms?

Ling Shan: I could teach you a thing or two, Huang Lee.

Huang Lee: I bet you could, but I'm not that easy.

Ling Shan: Listen, if you want to stay alive in this city, you'd better know how to defend yourself ... can you fight at all? Show me your best punch.

(Huang punches and kicks the dummy)

Ling Shan: Not bad. You've got good legs.

Huang Lee: I could say the same for you.

Ling Shan: I'm sure those lines usually work, but I'm also sure you usually pay for women.

Huang Lee: I buy ALL my friends. Makes life easier.

Ling Shan: Nice. I think I like this lonely rich kid act. It kind of suits you. Can you use a gun?

Huang Lee: I can certainly try.

(Huang takes a gun from Ling, and shoots and destroys the dummy. After the dummy is destroyed, Kenny runs out of his building)

Kenny Lee: Huang! Ling! Quickly...

(Huang and Ling walk over to Kenny)

Kenny Lee: Some fucking street punks are attacking one of my restaurants. ...Teach them the ignorance of their ways, Huang.

Ling Shan: I'll take my gun back. We'll get you one en route.

(Kenny goes back inside his building, whilst Huang and Ling run to a dumpster at the back of the same building)

Ling Shan: I always keep weapons hidden in dumpsters all over the city for emergencies just like this.

(Huang searches the dumpster and finds a gun. After finding the gun, Ling begins to run off)

Ling Shan: Come on.

(Huang and Ling run to the restaurant)

Restaurant Employee: You're the protection? A bitch and a little punk. No wonder we're getting pissed on by every dog in town. Some thugs have dragged the boss around back.

(Huang and Ling leave the restaurant and begin to walk to the back of the building)

Thug: Hey ladies, tell that gimp Kenny it's over. This is our town now.

Ling Shan: Really, little boy? Your town.

Thug: Yes. My town, bitch. My town.

(The thug shoots and kills Ling, before running off)

Huang Lee: Ling! What the fuck?

(Huang kills the three thugs, before going to the roof and killing another thug, rescuing the restaurant owner)

Restaurant Owner: You took your fucking time, boy! I could have been killed!


The reward for completing the mission is $50. Completing the mission unlocks the Payback mission, the Liberty City Gun Club Pistol round, and the ability to dumpster dive.


Mission Replay description

"Had some fun with Ling: fooling around with guns, showing off my moves.

Some local punks tried muscling in on Uncle Kenny's turf, so we went to teach them a lesson.

Things got serious ... I'll miss Ling."

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