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你好 and welcome to my user page. I'm a Chinese and very interested in Grand Theft Auto games. Hope we will work together happily.

Super Wang
Also Known As Clark Wang
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Gender Male
Place of Birth China
Nationality Chinese
Favourite Game GTA Vice City
Games Owned Bully
GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Chinatown Wars

Speculation on Games

Below are my speculation on next era of games:

In next era there may be ...
  • More than one protagonist
  • A female protagonist
  • Chinese protagonists
  • Events taking place in China
  • Dialogue written in Chinese
  • A game world that can be accessible from the very beginning of the game
  • A rectangular radar, etc.

Note that those thoughts are based on a so-called brainstorm, making some of them unrealizable. However, I'm really looking forward to a game that bears such feature. (Some are proved exist in Grand Theft Auto V)


Super Wang protests against Victor Vance's death!!!
Super Wang protests strongly against Ling Shan's sudden death!!!
Super Wang protests extremely against Rockstar's poor language knowledge that leads to wrong translation of Huang Lee's and Niko Bellic's names!!!

Like and Dislike

Below are my personal opinion about something in Grand Theft Auto.

This user is proud to be Chinese
This user thinks GTA Vice City is the best GTA game
This user thinks Tommy Vercetti is the best protagonist
This user thinks that the PC is the best platform for GTA
Google Chrome This user contributes using Google Chrome.
This user is glad that
Grand Theft Wiki left Wikia,
and knows this site is infinitely better!
This user's hobby is editing and/or using Grand Theft Wiki.
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  • My favorite protagonist is Tommy Vercetti, brave and intelligent, yet wild. His speech is always inspirational.
  • Just like many players, I do like Niko Bellic, for he is really impressive, but sometimes emotional. (Ah yes, and his scream...)
  • Mike is the last protagonist that I like. Grand Theft Auto Advance was a failure ever since, its hero also a disappointment.
  • I have a crush on Huang Lee! (I'm not gay, though...)But what the f*** happened to his fiancée?!


  • Of all the vehicles from GTA, I love Cheetah best. Always flexible. Speedy.
  • Ambulance is a steady one. But the main character could be trapped before it turns over and blows up. Sometimes locked.(GTA III Era)
  • Skimmer is s**t! Too hard to fly!


Rules that I must obey

About the Catastrophe

It was in July 2016 that I suddenly and sadly discovered that GTW was under re-construction. The test card reading "PLEASE STAND BY" really shocked me a lot. Well, I must admit I am, to the least extent, as Sonny Forelli commented, "overwhelmed with emotion" sometimes, however, I compare myself to Trevor Philips a little more -- irritable and upright. I mean, it was a painful thing for me as well as all other users. Some of my contributions along with screenshots I posted vanished, but I think they can be recovered as long as I still work on this site. One thing I have to bear in mind is that the GTA Wikia ( is absolutely not my place, even though they have a Chinese version of the forum.