Whack the Racers

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Whack the Racers
Helping Chan to win a race.

Helping Chan to win a race.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Chan Jaoming
Location East Island City, Dukes, Liberty City
Reward $100
turf map available in PDA
Unlocks Jackin' Chan
Stealing the Show
Parking Pickle
Unlocked by Pimp His Ride

Whack the Racers is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by Chan Jaoming from his garage in the East Island City neighborhood of Dukes, Liberty City.


Chan is upset that the other competitors in the race have more superior cars than his. Chan wants to win the race badly so he wants Huang to smash them off the track. Huang grabs a fast car and waits near the starting line. At the start of the race, the street race champion loses control of the car and crashes the car. Chan now has three competitors to worry. Huang rams the cars off the course and prevents them from going ahead of Chan. Chan eventually wins the race.


(At Chan's Garage)

Chan Jaoming: ...Oh, my head! I've got a killer hangover. One of those that feels like a midget is in your head and he's trying to get it on with your cortex, and that street race is just about to start! I'm fucked! My therapist would call this self-sabotage, but then my therapist has never had a transsexual prostitute.

Huang Lee: The race you want to win to impress the Tongs?

Chan Jaoming: Yeah, but I heard the other drivers have cars that are race lightened for extra speed. How can even I - the best driver in the city - compete with them when they cheat like that?

Huang Lee: You mean they're driving race cars in a car race? That's disgraceful.

Chan Jaoming: I know and I've got to win this race, Huang. I can't have both my dad and my therapist laughing at me again. There's nothing for it. You'll just have to smash them all off the track to make sure I win. It's only proper.

(At the finish line)

Chan Jaoming: I told you I'd win Huang! And in the end I didn't even need your help. The Tongs are gonna be pretty impressed when they hear about this. I might blog about this and stick it on my myroomonline page.

Huang Lee: You gangster! Let's hope the Tongs just hear about it and weren't watching.

Chan Jaoming: Huang, baby when I am the boss you'll have a place at my side. You could be my number one number two! Heh-heh!

Huang Lee: You and me, Chan, we're heading to the top!


The reward for completing this mission is $100. If the player is using the Nintendo DS version of the game, the missions Jackin' Chan and Stealing the Show are unlocked. However, if the player is using the PSP version, instead of Jackin' Chan, the mission Parking Pickle would be unlocked. The turf map is also now available in the PDA.

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  • The name of this mission is a reference to the cartoon, Wacky Races

Mission Replay description

"Chan's idea of fair play is, 'anything goes, so long as he wins'.

So, he got me to smash all the other drivers off the track at his street race.

He wasn't even grateful. Rich prick asshole."