Grenade Launcher

The Lost and Damned's Grenade Launcher and its associated HUD icon.
The HK69A1 in real life.

The Grenade Launcher is a heavy weapon present in The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Grand Theft Auto V.


Episodes from Liberty City

Based on the HK69A1 grenade launcher, the grenade launcher in The Lost and Damned lobes 40 mm explosive rounds that detonate on a seven second fuse and inflict the same amount of damage as pipe bombs, making it ideal for removing cover, such as a large group of enemies or a pursuing car. The launcher also offers the advantage of being able to fire rounds over greater distances than those that thrown hand grenades can reach. Although the grenade launcher is not intended for aerial targets and is only a single-shot weapon (allowing the player to fire only one round before reloading), the player can carry more grenade launcher rounds than the Rocket Launcher allows (20 grenades compared to 8 rockets).

While the grenade launcher shoots rounds further and in a higher speed, rounds shot in long range are flung in an arc due to gravity and are not guaranteed to land in a particular spot, requiring the player adjust their targeting to take these factors into account (i.e. aiming higher than the target for long range fire), or rely on trail and error and inevitably waste ammunition. Experienced players can also fire the launcher in an angle where the round will bounce off walls to reach tricky targets.

In the Ballad of Gay Tony, grenades fired from a grenade launcher explode on impact if the round hits a vehicle or person. Also, the time it takes for the grenade to explode has been shortened to about four seconds.


The grenade launcher in GTA V.

In GTA V, the grenade launcher is based on the Milkor MGL Mark 14 (designated in the U.S. military as the M32A1 by the U.S. Marine Corps and MK14 Mod 0 by USSOCOM). Unlike its EFLC counterpart, this grenade launcher is a multiple shot weapon, holding 10 rounds in its revolver cylinder; however, its real-life counterpart only holds 6 rounds. Like TBOGT, the grenades explode on impact if the round hits a person or vehicle and detonate on a short fuse if the round does not hit a target. Unlike the Grenade Launcher in EFLC, the player does not need to arc their shots, as the game will compensate automatically. Also, rounds which do not hit a target will not bounce on the ground after landing.


The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony


  • The grenade launcher was to be included a weapon in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, but was cut during development.
    • In the PlayStation 2 version of GTA Vice City, its grenade launcher model (grenlanc.dff) and its textures (grenlanc.txd) can still be found in game files. These files were removed from all other ports of the game.
  • The Grenade Launcher in The Lost and Damned may be a reference to the number 69 since the weapon is based on the HK69A1.