Arms Shortage

Arms Shortage
Ray Machowski, sitting on a public toilet, telling Claude to help protect Phil Cassidy's business from the Colombian Cartel.
Ray Machowski, sitting on a public toilet, telling Claude to help protect Phil Cassidy's business from the Colombian Cartel.

Ray Machowski, sitting on a public toilet, telling Claude to help protect Phil Cassidy's business from the Colombian Cartel.
For Ray Machowski
Target Colombian Cartel gang members
Location Belleville Park, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Fail Death of Phil Cassidy
Reward $10,000
Unlocks Evidence Dash
Weapons at Phil's Army Surplus
Unlocked by Silence the Sneak

Arms Shortage is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given by LCPD police officer Ray Machowski to protagonist Claude from the toilet block in Belleville Park, Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Claude goes to see Ray in the toilet block in Belleville Park. Ray informs him of an old friend, Phil Cassidy, being in trouble with the Colombian Cartel and needs someone to back him up. Claude drives to Phil's Base in Rockford. Phil says the Colombians will arrive any minute and Claude then picks up everything he needs for surviving the shoot-out. The Colombians after a while arrive in Cartel Cruisers and the gunfight begins. Phil and Claude manage to clear out the wave of Colombians and Phil tells Claude that he can come back any time to get upgraded military weapons.


(Inside the toilet block, Ray and Claude.)

Ray Machowski: Hey kid over here! An old army buddy of mine runs a business in Rockford. We saw action in Nicaragua, back when the country knew what it was doing. Some Cartel scum roughed him up yesterday, said they'd be back for some of his stock today. He's gonna need some back-up and in return he'll give you knock-down rates on any hardware you buy. I'd go myself but the old sciatica's playing up again -cough cough- so, eerr-hhrrmmm, good luck.

(In the military base in Rockford, Phil and Claude.)

Phil Cassidy: Ray phoned ahead... but I thought there'd be more of you. I can't believe those yellow-bellied bastards left me without proper cover again! Well, three arms are better than one, so grab whatever you need. Those Colombians'll be here any minute!

(The Colombians show up and start attacking.)

Phil Cassidy: Goddamn they're here!! LOCK'N'LOAD!!

(The Colombians are killed.)

Phil Cassidy: Heh-hey! If I'd teamed up with you in Nicaragua maybe I'd still have my arm! If you need any firepower just drop by and take what you need from the lookers. Leave the cash behind. Now get out of here. I'll handle the cops.


Upon completing this mission the player gets $10,000 and the mission Evidence Dash is unlocked. The player is also granted access to purchase military-grade weapons from Phil's Army Surplus.

After the player is done talking to Phil, the player should see a Barracks OL parked there which is Bulletproof, and may come in handy for future missions. Also take note that it will only be bulletproof during and after the mission, otherwise the Barracks OL is not bulletproof.


  • Sciatica is an actual medical condition, which involves symptoms of severe pain and possibly numbness of the leg because of compression of nerve roots in the buttocks. It is worth noting that he is sitting down at the time, on the toilet. It would not usually cause someone to cough, however, which supports the inference that Ray is pretending to be sick so he will not be shot at.
  • Phil Cassidy also lied about why he is missing his arm.
  • The Colombian Cartel also carry weapons that are not normally in their aresnal, these weapons include: Molotov Cocktail's, Grenades', and the Pump Action Shotgun.
  • Claude can obtain the Rhino early in the game. To do this, push the parked (and locked) Rhino to your safehouse garage. After the mission is passed, the Rhino wil be unlocked in your garage.


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