Loco Syndicate Drug Courier

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Big Smoke's Cash/Yay Courier are a pair of submissions in GTA San Andreas dealing with the Loco Syndicate's drug smuggling. They are triggered by a phone call by Cesar on certain days of the week. These missions are unlocked by King in Exile and repeat until Smoke's Crack Factory is destroyed. They are not required for completion.


Big Smoke's Cash

Mondays & Fridays at 5am: Cesar calls Carl Johnson and informs him that Smoke is sending money to the Loco Syndicate. Cash leaves from Big Smoke at 5am sharp. The player can accept or decline to go. If accepted, the player must follow the car and hit it's back, to make the boxes of money fall from the car, and then get them. The mission ends if Carl takes all the six boxes of money, the car gets too far away after engaging it, or the car reaches the Pier 69, San Fierro. You do however keep any cash that was attained before losing the SUV.
You’ve lost the courier

Yay Courier

Wednesdays & Saturdays (anytime after midnight), Cesar calls CJ to inform him of a "Yay" (Drug)shipment leaving San Fierro. The player can accept or decline. If accepted, the play must chase down the bike carrying the drugs. Once you start shooting, the drugs start flying away out holes in the courier's backpack (and reduce your completion money).The sooner you kill the courier, the more money you end up with. After gunnning down the courier, his backpack will appear and you are infomrmed to "pick up the stuff" which ends the mission and pays out on % of drugs left after the battle. Once you are spotted by the courier, you can lose the mission if he gets too far away from you, and no cash is awarded until the biker is dead.
You’ve lost the courier


  • MON & FRI
Cesar: “The Cash is leaving Los Santos again.”
CJ No: “I’m gonna have to let this one slide man, I got too much shit on my plate."
CJ Yes: “Ok, I’m on it.”


You can try again every Monday and Friday
  • WED & SAT
CJ: “Hey Cesar, the yay leavin San Fierro right?” "The yay leaving San Fierro, right?"
Cesar: “Right, but they’re using bikes CJ, they go cross country”
CJ No: “Not right now, I gotta check into some shit” "Oh shit, I'm tired up right now. We gotta get'em next time,dude."
CJ Yes: “Ok, I’ma see what I can dig up.”


You can try again every Wednesday and Saturday


  • Up to 6 packets of $300 may be rammed off the patriot during cash runs. Once $1800 has been collected the run is over for the day.
  • Up to $2000 can be stolen from the Yay Courier Bike each drug run.
  • A Rare BP, EP, FP Patriot may be obtained during the Cash runs. See walkthru


  • The Patriot actually leaves from between CJ's and Sweet's houses though it comes from Smoke (presumably meant to be from Ryder who is listed as second in command on the Los Santos side of the operation).
  • Ironically, the pedestrians in the Patriot use the same model of the Grove Street members.
  • The Bike "leaving from San Fierro" actually appears on a small bridge between Shady Creeks & Flint County whenever the phone call is received.


Big Smoke's Cash

  • The Patriot is bullet proof, fire proof, explosion proof, and the doors are always locked, so there's no real shortcut here.
  • Find a fast car that handles well. Haul up on the Patriot, slam into its rear, then slam on your brakes. The package often lands right on you if you stopped, plus you receive a lot less gunfire when you are only near it for a second, then backed way off again as it speeds away.
  • It starts in Grove street's cul-de-sac, so waiting there before 5am can give you a few good hits on pavement, before it starts off-roading.

Yay Courier

  • The courier starts dropping stuff once you shoot at him. The best approach is to run him over until he falls off the bike (try to smash him into another car or a wall). Then you can get a clean kill shot, and lose very little drugs/money.
  • The Rancher, Mesa and the Patriot make great vehicles for this mission as they can take off-road shortcuts to catch the bike quickly, and weigh enough to knock it over.

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