Hood Safari

Hood Safari
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Trevor Philips
For Lamar Davis (Franklin's "F" icon appears on the radar)
Objective Escape from Grove St after a botched drug deal
Target Ballas
Location Strawberry Safehouse in Strawberry , Los Santos
Fail Chop dies
Lamar Davis dies
Unlocks Blitz Play
Unlocked by Three's Company
The Long Stretch

Hood Safari is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton, later joined by Trevor Philips, by Lamar Davis from the Strawberry safehouse in Strawberry, Los Santos.


Franklin returns to his house and is confronted by his aunt Denise who claims that he should be arrested for disloyalty. Franklin questions her and then sees Lamar exiting their house, with Lamar reminding him that he had not attended any of his aunts feminist meetings and not been around with this friends, which Denise also argues. Franklin, who can not believe that his aunt is saying he is not a good enough gang member, is then told by Lamar that gangs are a positive thing. Denise continues to verbally attack Franklin until she spots Trevor Philips. Trevor begins to flirt with Denise, suggesting that she is Franklin's sister and defends her when Franklin criticises her. Trevor gives her some money and tells her to buy something nice although Denise complains that he had only given her $7. He then tells her to leave with Denise arguing that all men are same before going back into the house.

Franklin, who had only just met Trevor, asks why he has turned up and Trevor tells him that as he is new in town he is attempting to be friends, inviting them to go party. Lamar then tells Franklin of his plans regarding the "thing", which Franklin is reluctant to get involved with. Trevor, however, is eager to become involved and the three, along with Lamar's dog Chop, drive to Grove St. On the way Lamar explains that he and Stretch had set up a deal to buy drugs from a dealer despite them being Families gang members and the dealer living in Ballas territory.

Upon arrival they meet the dealer, who is reluctant to open his front door. Lamar shows him the money and the dealer opens the door, showing them the goods and offering a sample. Lamar snorts the drugs and Franklin argues that they should leave. An unsatisfied Trevor asks to taste the drugs and, after the dealer refuses, breaks the drugs in half in an attempt to wrestle them out of the dealers hand. The brick of drugs breaks, revealing that the drugs was actually drywall. The dealer shouts that the there is "buyers' remorse out here" before running into his house, shutting the front door behind him. Ballas gang members then turn up and begin shooting at Franklin, Trevor and Lamar. The three begin to return fire while Chop runs away. As the three begin to get to the end of Grove St the police arrive and begin opening fire on Franklin, Trevor, Lamar and the Ballas gang members.

In the confusion Franklin, Trevor and Lamar escape down a side alley and head to the river, seeing MC Clip shooting a new video. They then steal three Seasharks belonging to MC Clip and begin to make their escape briefly being chased by a car of Ballas gang members, who eventually crash into a wall. They are then spotted by an LSPD helicopter and while being chased, Franklin tells Lamar that Stretch had set them up. Lamar mentions that there are numerous Sea Races around the state, which they should look into after their escape. They decide to split up and each lose the police.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 7 minutes.
Accuracy Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%
Headshots Kill at least 12 enemies with a headshot.


Video walkthrough

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