Asuka Kasen telling Claude that they have under estimated Catalina's plans for the distribution of SPANK in the city.
Asuka Kasen telling Claude that they have under estimated Catalina's plans for the distribution of SPANK in the city.

Asuka Kasen telling Claude that they have under estimated Catalina's plans for the distribution of SPANK in the city.
For Asuka Kasen
Target The Kappa Coffee House
Location Fort Staunton, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Fail Death of Claude
Arrest of Claude
Failure to destroy all espresso stands in time
Reward $40,000
Unlocks S.A.M.
Unlocked by Bait

Espresso-2-Go! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen from a Panlantic Construction Company construction site in Fort Staunton, Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Miguel has informed Asuka, who's torturing him, about espresso stands around Liberty City. The stands in question are being used by the Colombians as fronts to sell SPANK. Claude must destroy every espresso stand before the Colombians warn their pushers. Two of the stalls are on Portland; one in Saint Mark's opposite Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club; and the other one located the opposite of entrance to the Portland Harbor. Five of the stalls are located on Staunton Island. The Staunton stalls are located at Belleville Park, east of the car-park in Newport, in front of the church in Bedford Point, near a statue in Torrington, and behind the church just west of Love Media building. The final two stands are located in Shoreside Vale. One is to the west of Shoreside Lift Bridge at Francis International Airport and the other one outside the hospital at Pike Creek.


(Asuka Kasen, Claude, Miguel at the construction site.)

Miguel: Aah, ah!

Asuka Kasen: Miguel certainly has some of that famous Latin stamina; I'm quite exhausted. We underestimated Catalina's plans for SPANK. It reaches far beyond the Yardies selling it on the street corners. The Cartel have a front company, The Kappa Coffee House. They've been selling SPANK through the street stalls. We have no choice but to put these drug stands out of operation. Smash them to splinters!!

(Asuka hits Miguel on the head twice.)

Miguel: Aaah, ooh!


The reward for completing this mission is $40,000. The mission S.A.M. is unlocked.


  • As the time starts ticking after the first coffee stall is destroyed, it is recommended to locate all the coffee stalls first before you destroy them. This will prevent wasting time searching while the 8 minutes are ticking.
  • It is recommended to use Ray Machowski's bulletproof Patriot (obtained from the mission Marked Man) to complete this mission, as the Patriot is bulletproof and the player will have to drive into hostile territory (e.g. Saint Mark's and Newport) to destroy the coffee stalls.
    • While the Rhino is completely impervious to bullets, it is not a recommended choice due to its low speed. However, this can somewhat be alleviated by turning the turret in the opposite direction then firing, although this increases the wanted level as the player destroys civilian and police vehicles in the process.
  • The best way to destroy the coffee stalls is to ram them with a vehicle like a Patriot. This method is quick and effective in destroying the stalls and the player will not lose health and armor from Colombian Cartel bullets.
  • The developers replaced the shotguns used by the Mafia with Micro Uzis during this mission, making it easier for the player to complete the mission. The same also applies for Big'n'Veiny.


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