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My favorite GTA game
My favorite car
My favorite bike
My favorite boat
My favorite plane
My favorite gun
My favorite character
My favorite radio station

About me

Im back i was just like not bothered and hadn't played GTA for months,so i just came back on here for messages and friend requests, so i just started playing again, and i thought id come back!.

My name is James Dent and i am 13. I go to English Martyrs school in Hartlepool England. And when i got my first gta game i was 6!. I have every gta but cos i have a ps3 i cant get the downloadable content games like The Lost and Damned and i also don't have a Nintendo DS so i don't have Chinatown wars.

My grand theft auto games

  • My favorite game is Vice city stories and San Andreas.

Other with grand theft auto connection


My notable Grand Theft Auto Achievements

  • I once completed, GTA3, Vice city, San andreas, Liberty city stories and Vice city stories in a week.
  • Found all the flying rats, in under 3 hours (With help of course).
  • Found all unique stunt jumps in GTA IV in under 3 hours (With help).
  • Completed GTA IV in the first day, granted i started playing at 4 in the morning and finished at about 1 in the morning, so about 22 hours!.
  • Have completed EVERY GTA game 100% even the old ones!.
  • Got my first GTA game when i was about 6!.

My favourite grand theft auto vehicles

My favourite gun

My favourite weapons (category)

  • Melee


  • Thrown

Molotov Cocktail

  • Handguns


  • Shotguns


  • Submachine guns


  • Assault rifles


  • Heavy metal

M249 fave weapon

  • Snipers

Sniper Rifle

Favourite grand theft auto character

My favourite radio stations

  • gta III

Flashback FM

  • gta vice city

Flash FM fave along with vice city stories

  • gta san andreas


  • gta liberty city stories

Radio Del Mundo funny as owt!

  • gta vice city stories

Flash FM also in vice city

  • gta iv


What i think of my GTA games

This is a summary about my GTA games.


  • Platform:Ps1
  • Rating:8/10
  • Favourite vehicle:Bulldog
  • Favourite weapon:Uzi
  • Favourite radio station:The Fix FM
  • Favourite character:N/A
  • Favourite city/area:Vice City

GTA London 1969

  • Platform:PS1
  • Rating:8/10
  • Favourite vehicle:Copper

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