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The following is a script of the Home Coming mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Carl Johnson: I don't care 'how', I care 'when'. As in 'now'. You hear me? Hey, man, what the - ?

Mike Toreno: Hello, boss man. Taking care of business I see.

Carl Johnson: Toreno, fuck you. I almost lost my life out there for you.

Mike Toreno: I've just got one tiny little thing for you to do, then I'm out of your life forever.

Carl Johnson: You know what? I'm tired of your fucking little jobs.

Mike Toreno: Oh, will you stop. This is pathetic, come on. You're embarrassing yourself. Come on, put it down. Don't be ridiculous, OK? Hey, I got a little surprise for you here. You ready for this? Huh? Answer it.

(Phone rings, Carl picks it up)

Carl Johnson: Hello?

Sweet: Carl, it's me, Sweet.

Carl Johnson: Aw, Sweet!

Sweet: I don't know what happened, they just released me. No idea what's going on, but I'm in the square outside the precinct in Commerce.

Carl Johnson: Alright you hold tight, I'll be right there.

Sweet: Alright.

(Carl hangs up the phone)

Carl Johnson: So what was that little job you was talking about, Toreno?

Mike Toreno: I just want you to go pick up your brother. Get out of here.

(Carl arrives at the precinct, and is greeted by his brother)

Sweet: What's up, bro?

Carl Johnson: Hey, what's up, man?

Sweet: How you doin', bro?

Carl Johnson: I'm alright, man. Hey, man - we off to our new spot! We got a mansion, Sweet! We been putting in work, and shit is going well. We got a stake in a casino, we got some insane shit in Fierro, we're getting into the rap game! Hey man, let me get you some new clothes, c'mon!

Sweet: New clothes? Nigga, what the fuck is this bullshit?

Carl Johnson: What you mean, man? What's mine is yours, and you know that.

Sweet: You never did get it, did you, Carl? I need to check on things in the hood. Man, that's the problem. You always a perpetrator, runing from what's real.

Carl Johnson: Hey man, shit's fucked up there. You don't want to be in the hood.

Sweet: No. That's exactly where I want to be. What you done for our hood?

Carl Johnson: Man, what the hood done for me? Always dragging me down. Ever since I got out of the hood shit been cracking. That's everybody's dream, to get out of the hood...

Sweet: Man, you sound just like Smoke right now.

Carl Johnson: Alright, man, you hard. I'm gonna show you what's going on in the hood.

(Once in the vehicle)

Carl Johnson: You gotta understand, shit's all fucked up now, dude.

Sweet: Yeah.

Carl Johnson: What you want, it ain't round here no more.

Sweet: Just take me to moma's house.

(Both arrive at Grove Street)

Basehead: Yo, man, y'all want to buy a blender? It's really good. It sorta works.

Sweet: Man, what the fuck? That's Mom's blender!

Carl Johnson: Looks like baseheads have took over the spot. Let's go home.

Sweet: This is home, man. Get these fuckers out of Mom's house! You was born in there. Damn!

(After reclaiming Grove Street as theirs)

Carl Johnson: Alright, man, let's get out of here. Go see Kendl.

Sweet: Kendl can come see me right here, at here home.

Carl Johnson: But it ain't nothing here no more.

Sweet: Rome wasn't built in a day, niggah!

Carl Johnson: My brother can be a real pain in the ass.