Backlot City

Backlot City is a neighbourhood in Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The neighbourhood is made up entirely of offices, sound stages and sets for the Richards Majestic film studio part owned by Solomon Richards and Devin Weston. Actors, including those in character suits, can be found walking around the neighbourhood preparing for filming. The neighbourhood, which is completely gated, has security guards who will begin chasing the player along with the police in GTA V until the completion of Mr. Richards, when the player can walk around the neighbourhood freely.

Events of HD Universe

Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis, while repossessing two cars for Simeon Yetarian, drive through the film studio. Franklin later steals a JB 700 from the studio. Michael De Santa begins working for film producer Solomon Richards and initially returns actor Milton McIlroy and director Anton Beaudelaire back to the studio and later begins chasing McIlroy's agent Rocco Pelosi and his associate Gianni from the studio having beaten up Solomon. Michael also begins chasing Molly Schultz to retrieve a copy of the film Meltdown from being destroyed, returning the copy back to Solomon at the studio.