The Multipler is a number that shows the player how many times of the original score he will earn for a crime/mission in Grand Theft Auto 1, Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 and Grand Theft Auto 2.


In the first two games the main goal was to reach a target score (or money), then the level could be completed. The player can get points for comitting a crime or completing successfully a mission. The player starts with ×1 multiplier. In this case if you kill an Police officer you get 100 points, if you kill a pedestrian you get 10 points etc. But if you have ×2 or ×3 multiplier you will get two and three times much of the original point (by killing a cop you will get 200 and 300 points respectively). The player can increase his/her multiplier in two ways: completing a mission successfully or picking up a multiplier power-up which are wrapped all around the cities. It is possible to cut the multiplier points in half when the player is arrested but when carrying a Get Outta Jail Free Card it won't deduce.

The multiplier is indicated at top right bottom of the screen with a yellow × mark with yellow number behind it (in GTA 2 with red) and the total score with bigger numbers.




(To show your coordinates you have to enter a cheat code use at your own risk.)

Liberty CityGangsta Bang:

Liberty City – Heist Almighty:

San AndreasMandarin Mayhem:

Accessible after Phone 9-12 completed at South Market:

San Andreas – Tequila Slammer:

Accessible after Phone 17-20 completed at North Telephone Hill:

  • North West Atlantic Heights (204,26,2)
  • South West Atlantic Heights (212,65,4)
  • West Aye Valley (30,88,5)
  • North Richman (73,2,1)
  • South East Sunview (230,245,4)
  • West Sunview (22,229,4)
  • North East Woodside (246,118,4)

Vice CityBent Cop Blues:

Vice City – Rasta Blasta: