See the Sight Before Your Flight

The beginning of the mission.

See the Sight Before Your Flight is a 12-level side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The mission can be accessed at the memorial close to the entrance to Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale.


The mission is about driving tourists around Liberty City and get them to tourist destinations all while experiencing a time limit. When the player has reached the destination, the player will have to follow them on foot, and then must take three photos of the tourist outside the sight. If the photos are great, the player will get a bonus from the tourists. The player must then take back the tourist to the airport before the time limit expires. Certain times Toni may get the camera stolen and must retrieve it. There are twelve different levels. Upon completing all 12 levels the player will be rewarded with a bulletproof Landstalker outside the Shoreside Vale safehouse.


Sight 1

  • A tourist wants a photo of him at the Cochrane Dam in Shoreside Vale to prove he was in Liberty City.

Sight 2

Sight 3

Sight 4

Sight 5

  • A young lady would like to see the Callahan Bridge from the the Portland side.

Sight 6

  • A war veteran wants to pay homage to his lost comrades at the Liberty City War Memorial in Belleville Park, Staunton Island.

Sight 7

  • A male tourist wants his photo taken outside Sex Club Seven in the Red Light District of Portland to prove to his friends he is man enough to visit a strip club.

Sight 8

  • A Scholar would like to visit the Liberty City Museum on Staunton Island

Sight 9

Sight 10

Sight 11

  • A tourist wants to visit the City Hall in Newport, Staunton Island one more time and wants a picture of him and it.

Sight 12

  • A female tourist wants a photo of her with a magnificent view of Portland Rock in the background.