Silenced Machine Gun

The silenced (S-Uzi) machine gun HUD icon in GTA 2.

A Silenced Machine Gun is a variant of the Machine Gun in Grand Theft Auto 2. The weapon comes equipped with a suppressor that muffles gunfire from the gun..


(To show your coordinates you have to enter a cheat code, use at your own risk)

Downtown District:

  • Courtyard east of the Loonies’ garage two blocks north of the Fruitbat car shop, reachable using the right set of stairs (Fruitbat) (24,5 33,5 2)
  • Alley at the west end of the street south of the J-Lab (Funabashi) (4,5 227,5 2)
  • Go to the courtyard at the southeast corner of the Zaibatsu HQ, close to the entrance. Use the stairs there and make your way through the elevated ledge. Jump over the gap at its end. (Zaibatsu HQ) (233,5 125,5 5)
  • Go to the building west of the hospital west of Avalon Station. Take the stairs on its west side and follow them to the roof. Then keep your way to the hospital roof, crossing the street using the elevated platform (Avalon) (85,5 78,5 3)
  • Small garden north of Avalon Station (Avalon) (97,5 68,5 2)
  • Go to the street west of the cathedral. Follow it on south direction. It will turn east, take the first street to south, and then the second to west. Follow the stairs on the north side. Follow the north hallway to a metal platform, then walk a bit more towards north. Take the west hallway towards its end. Head south and make your way through metal platforms until you reach an elevated ledge (Altamount) (127,5 192,5 4)
  • Building south of Altamount Station (Altamount) (153,5 242,5 2)
  • Awarded when a Z-Type is crushed

Residential District:

  • Go to the square west of the southwest corner of the shopping mall. Enter the area on its center and check the alley on its east side (Xanadu) (136,5 189,5 2)
  • Take the street west of the church. Take the first big street on south direction (the first one leads to a parking). Follow it until its end, and then turn east (you’re now next to the Morton police station). Take the first street on north direction. Take the alley on the west side, next to the stairs (Morton) (87,5 208,5 2)
  • Go to the parking lot east of the church. Take the alley on its southwest corner (Wormley) (123,5 143,5 2)
  • Awarded when a Z-Type is crushed

Industrial District:

  • Take the street leading to the Tedium police station. When it splits into two, take the north street instead of the west street. Go to the building at the end of the street. Make your way among the houses and look for the building close to the ramp leading out of the area (Azeri Heights) (70 35 2)
  • Go to the warehouses two squares west of Lubyanka hospital and look at the west side of the area (Lubyanka warehouses) (161,5 44,5 2)
  • Go to the large silos south of the Chernobolt factory and head east. Go to the train tracks and follow them on south direction until you reach Maharishi (Maharishi) (252,5 165,5 2)
  • Near the crane located west of the Escobar car shop (Escobar) (11,5 217,5 2)
  • Metal platform leading to the back side of the Zaibatsu weapon factory (House of Guns) (8 183,5 4)
  • Building some blocks southwest of Bayano station. Check the south alcove (Bayano) (76,5 189 2)
  • Take the last street towards west before you enter Mad Island. You’ll see a gap on the corner when it turns. Use it to drop down (Tedium Docks) (4,5 47,5 2)
  • Go to the Tedium car shop and take the street east of it towards south. Check the north side of the building with some stairs in the middle (Gonad) (86 106 2)
  • Go to the big road north of the construction site. Go to the zone where it turns north near the Vedic Temple. Check the building on the corner, walk under the elevated bridge (Petula) (163 205 2)
  • Dropped by Zaibatsu with 3 or 4 negative respect bars
  • Awarded when a Z-Type is crushed