Vehicle Machine Gun

The Vehicle Machine Gun icon in Grand Theft Auto 2.

Vehicle Machine Guns are, as the name suggests, a machine gun mounted on a car. The weapon is only available in Grand Theft Auto 2 and they are available at car modification shops scattered around Anywhere City for $25,000. The weapon is effective in Multiplayer Mode, as the other player is unable to jump over the vehicle while they are being fired at.


(To show your coordinates you have to enter a cheat code, use at your own risk)

Residential District
  • Get a fast car, go to the road south of the Xenoton car shop and take it on west direction. Hit the ramp before it turns south (Mobile RV Park) (70 37,5 4)
  • Drive to the Xenoton car shop. Drive south towards the alley with the underground train tracks (Guntersville) (98,5 55,5 2)
  • Get a fast car and take the street west of the church. Take the first big street on south direction (the first one leads to a parking). Follow it until its end, and then turn east (you’re now next to the Morton police station). Take the first street on north direction. Use the nearby stairs to jump to the roof west of the stairs (Morton) (76 205 3)