Surveying the Score

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Surveying the Score
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
For Trevor Philips
Objective Tail two Securicars on their way to the Union Depository.
Location Vanilla Unicorn strip club in Strawberry, Los Santos
Fail Lester Crest dies
Not arriving in Murrieta Heights in time
Getting too close to the Securicars
The Frogger is destroyed
Unlocks Bury the Hatchet
Unlocked by Hang Ten
Time Limit 11 minutes(for gold medal completion)
20 seconds (to find the construction hole, for gold medal completion)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Surveying the Score is a mission given to protagonists Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips by Trevor from the Vanilla Unicorn strip club in Strawberry, Los Santos.


Trevor enters the office of the Vanilla Unicorn strip club and opens the fridge door to get a beer forgetting he had already stuffed the clubs now deceased managers corpse inside after killing him. He grabs and beer and manages to close the door, pushing the body back inside, shortly before Michael arrives. Trevor tells him that the fridge is broken to explain him holding the door shut but Michael tells Trevor he's had enough of his hospitality, referring to his time living with Trevor in Sandy Shores. Trevor informs Michael that he has changed his ways as Franklin arrives. He tells the two he wants to square things with Merryweather Security Consulting, make sure the IAA do not come after them and to be involved in one last big heist, which would allow Michael to return to his family. He continues that after the last heist he will continue running the club and to break Bradley Snider out of prison, not knowing that Bradley had died nine years earlier. Franklin asks how Trevor came to own the club. Trevor responds that he has owned the club for 'ages' but denies knowing Leon, the former manager, who Franklin knows personally. Franklin drops the subject and asks what is going on.

Lester Crest arrives and explains that it is 'the big one'. He proceeds to tell a story of his past with Michael and Trevor, who also mentions Brad, who had a 'low life' existence robbing, hurting and lying to people but that they always dreamed of only one thing. Trevor says 'The big one' followed by Michael. The two are joined by Lester in saying 'The big one' in unison. Franklin asks what 'the big one' is and is told by Michael it is the Union Depository, which according to Lester contains $200 million in gold bars. Lesters says that they will spend the rest of their lives on the run from the authorities should they survive the heist but that it will be their masterpiece. The group leave the office with Lester saying they need to do their 'civic duty' and find gainful employment. As the group leave the office, Leon's corpse falls out of the fridge.

Outside the club, Lester joins Trevor in his Bodhi while Franklin accompanies Michael in his Tailgater. The two cars leave with Michael heading to the Union Depository and Trevor heading to the Sandy Shores airfield. As they pull away Lester tells them of two armoured cars leaving from Murrieta Heights to the Union Depository on a dry run and that they will leave at 15:30pm. Lester explains that they need to map the route so he and Trevor are going to the airfield to see the route from the air. He tells Michael and Franklin to scout the Union Depository from the ground. Michael and Franklin arrive and spot a single security guard standing outside with Franklin stating that breaking in will be easy but quickly realises that the gold is kept underground and will be harder to get to. The two begin driving to the Arcadius Business Center on Alta St, where the two can see the back entrance of the bank.

On the way there Franklin states that he has learned a few things since joining with Michael and that he sometimes feels he is the senior partner in the heists due to Michael and Trevor's constant arguing. Michael apologises and states that he and Trevor have a long history, which he promises to explain at a later time. The two again spot a single security guard, which Franklin describes as 'light' and Michael as 'eerie'. Franklin suggests that they should put more security guards on a national reserve and Michael states that 'Maybe we really are broke'. Michael asks Trevor how he is doing and the play switches to Trevor who is seen urinating at the side of the freeway, opposite the RON Alternates Wind Farm. Trevor responds that they are on schedule and gets back into his vehicle driving towards the airfield.

Lester asks Trevor about a 'job' he had mentioned to him previously, which Trevor says will also involve Michael as he is 'obligated'. Trevor explains that he wants to break Brad Snider out of prison but Lester tells him to talk to Michael about it. Trevor comments that Lester is hard to motivate when there is no profit. The two arrive at the airfield and enter Trevor's helicopter, which he stole from the FIB, and complains that Lester is moving too slowly after stating that they need to be schedule. Lester enters the helicopter and they begin their flight towards Murrieta Heights. While in flight and avoiding Bolingbroke Penitentiary to avoid police attention, they discuss the fact that no attempts have ever been made to rob the Union Depository. Lester explains that Michael and Franklin's observations are in line with what he thought, mainly that the security is more internal and that a special police team waits for calls from the bank twenty-four seven.

The two again begin discussing the fact that the bank has not been robbed with Lester saying that the security are actually police but work for the government. He suggests that government employees love nothing more to get money for nothing with the exception of spying on people. Trevor sarcastically asks who that reminds him of knowing that Lester earns money despite not taking part in the heists he plans and loves to spy on others. Lester suggests that they need to hit the bank twice: once to cause a distraction and the second to actually rob it. Trevor asks who would be willing to act as a distraction knowing that they would likely get caught but Lester suggests Michael thinking it may appeal to his ego. The two, having arrived in Murrieta Heights, begin following the two armoured cars after spotting them on Innocence Blvd. Lester tells Trevor they need to find some where to ambush them and Trevor informs Lester that he normally ambushes people in the 'john' with their draws down but admits that will not work.

Lester explains that they need somewhere with cover for the group and no escape route for the armoured car drivers, which Trevor argues is the same principle as his ambush tactic. The two follow the armoured cars on to Little Bighorn Ave where Trevor suggests hijacking the cars under a bridge. He argues that the spot is on route and that they will have cover. Lester, however, states the area is too open and that they would be compromised if the vans ended up in the river. Trevor suggests that if they had the right equipment they could collect the vehicles from the river but Lester points out that the armoured cars have a GPS, which would register them being in the Los Santos River and thus blowing the teams cover. The two continue to follow the armoured cars with Lester explaining that his dislikes being in close proximity to Trevor for short and long periods of time. The two armoured cars then enter a short tunnel where they lose sight of them. Lester explains that the tunnel is straight and so they only have to fly around the building to locate them again. Lester states that he had hoped they would use the tunnel as the team can hijack the vehicles inside the tunnel with a quick turnaround and still arrive at the Union Depository without raising suspicion.

Michael, still at the back entrance to the Union Depository, states that he can see the armoured cars arriving on time but tells Lester they will need identification to enter the building that way. The camera switches to the security guard watching the armoured cars arriving. The security guard states he was expecting the two vehicles thirty seconds earlier and allows them to enter after seeing some identification from the driver of the first armoured car. The play switches back to Trevor flying the helicopter. Lester remembers that the new metro tunnel is being excavated nearby, which he discovered while planning the robbery of Vangelico's Fine Jewelry. After finding the excavation point he tells Trevor to hover above so he can shoot footage into the hole to get the information he needs.

After gaining enough information he informs the group he has enough information. Trevor and Lester then begin flying back to Sandy Shores. On the way, Trevor asks how they will get the gold out of the building. Lester explains that if they can get hold of two armoured cars they can simply drive out the building with the gold in the back should everything go to plan. Trevor states that things do not go to plan and asks about a back up plan. Lester suggests using Trevor's helicopter but states they will need another one to match before asking if Trevor would take his name off the side of the helicopter if it was used in the heist. Trevor tells Lester he will not remove his name from the Union Depository and continues to fly back to the airfield. Upon arrival, Lester explains to Trevor that he has a couple of ideas and that it is not impossible to pull off. Trevor reminds Lester to come up with plans for breaking Brad out of prison and Lester simply tells him to talk to Michael.

The play then switches to Michael and Franklin driving away from the Arcadius Business Center towards Franklin's house. Franklin asks Michael how he feels about the robbery with Michael saying he feels 'pretty good' and that Lester will give them options. Michael states that he has Franklin, who he can rely on, and Trevor, who he may not be able to although Franklin believes he will. Franklin tells Michael he has not been holding it together recently. Michael, however, states that he has not angered hillbillies, bikers, a Mexican gang, Chinese gangsters and a private army. Franklin responds that he has instead angered the FIB, the IAA and his family stating that he fears Michael's wife Amanda the most. Franklin again asks about his history with Trevor and Brad, and what happened in North Yankton. Michael replies it is not the right time but Franklin argues that as they are about to pull of the biggest heist in history there has never been a better time. Franklin tells Michael that he will ask Trevor and is told in no uncertain terms not to ask him with Franklin describing him as 'shady'. They arrive at Franklin's house and Michael shouts that Lester will be in touch when he has something.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Perfect Distance Follow the Securicars without being warned about the distance.
Cavity Search Find the construction hole within 20 seconds.
Under the Bridge Fly under the bridge while following the Securicars.
Tunnel Flight Fly through the tunnel while following the Securicars.
Time Complete the mission in 11 minutes.


  • Lester can be seen walking unaided, which cannot be seen at any other point in the game.

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