The Wrap Up

The Wrap Up
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
For Dave Norton
Objective Meet with Dave at the Kortz Center for a debriefing, then escape after the FIB and Merryweather ambush the meeting
Location Kortz Center
Fail Dave Norton dies
Unlocked by The Bureau Raid
Deaths Andreas Sanchez

The Wrap Up is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given to Michael De Santa by FIB Agent Dave Norton. Trevor Philips also participates in the mission.


Michael finds Dave at an upper level pavilion. Michael tells Agent Norton that he did what the FIB told him to do, now he wants to be cut loose as promised. Agent Norton tells Michael that things are not going to work out that way as Agents Steve Haines and Andreas Sanchez walk up. Agent Norton tells Haines that he has the situation under control, and Haines tells Sanchez to arrest both Dave and Michael. Michael protests and demands to know why he's being arrested, but figures out that Haines wants Michael behind bars so he can't testify in court about Haines' corruption. The situation escalates to a Mexican standoff between Dave and Michael and Haines and Sanchez. Shortly afterward, a team of IAA and FIB tactical officers show up, escalating the situation further. Haines demands to know who sent the tactical team, and Agent Sanchez reveals that he is a double agent, and that the tactical team is with him. A Merryweather Buzzard interrupts the standoff, and one of the FIB tactical officers shoots Haines in the same leg he shot himself back in the Humane Labs raid, and Haines shoots Sanchez in the head, killing him.

Dave and Michael are then forced to shoot their way out of the Kortz Center. As Michael makes his escape, he is pinned by a Merryweather Buzzard. Trevor shows up to snipe the Buzzard, stating that if anyone is going to kill Michael, it was going to be him. Michael asks Trevor if he is here to finish the job, and Trevor responds that he merely wants the opportunity. Dave tells Michael to rendezvous with him at the reflecting pool in the courtyard. After Michael meets up with Dave, the two make a run for the parking lot. Dave tells Michael to contact him once he is clear of Merryweather. Also, Trevor tells Michael to meet him out behind a pawn shop in Morningwood. As Michael is leaving, he is encountered by one last Merryweather Buzzard; after destroying the chopper, he proceeds to Morningwood. After arriving, Michael tries to smoke a cigarette, and Trevor throws the pack away, claiming it's bad for him, and Michael retorts that he needs to relieve the stress of having to survive a shootout between two corrupt government agencies and a private militia. The two then get into an argument about friendships, and Trevor states that he and Michael are going to do the Union Depository job.

After the mission, Michael calls Dave, telling him that he saved him yet again, and demands to know how Dave is going to deal with Haines, the rest of the FIB, and the IAA. Dave tells Michael they can pin most of the incident on the recently deceased Agent Sanchez, telling Michael if he can get the story right, then virtually everyone would back down. Dave then tells Michael their biggest problem is Trevor, stating that he is too unstable, and that Haines will want Trevor dead.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 7 minutes.
Headshots Attain at least 18 headshots.
Buzz Off! Destroy the pursuing Buzzard.

Video walkthrough

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