The Paleto Score

The Paleto Score
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
For Steve Haines
Dave Norton
Objective Rob the Blaine County Savings Bank and hold off corrupt police and military resistance
Target Money
Location Liquor Ace in Sandy Shores, Blaine County
Reward $444,206 (for each protagonist)
Unlocked by Predator
Time Limit 16 minutes (for gold medal completion)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)
Small Town, Big Job
Deaths Daryl Johns (if chosen)
Norm Richards (if chosen)

The Paleto Score is the fourth heist mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given to protagonists Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips by corrupt FIB agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton, during the mission Paleto Score Setup, starting at the Liquor Ace store/methamphetamine lab in Sandy Shores, Blaine County.


Early in the morning, Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton, Lester Crest and the chosen gunman meet at Trevor's Liquor Ace store/methamphetamine lab. Michael and Trevor argue about Trevor kidnapping Patricia Madrazo, wife of Madrazo Cartel leader Martin Madrazo, and in particular about the 'high school romance' she and Trevor are developing. Their argument continues with Trevor stating that she thinks he is mature, which Michael counters by saying that after thirty years married to Martin she is likely to think he is. Michael brings up the fact that their romance is not making his situation any easier, which Trevor was unsurprised. Michael tells Trevor he misses his family to which Trevor responds that he always ignored them until they left. Franklin stops the argument by saying that he could have stayed in Los Santos, rather than going out to Sandy Shores, to hear similar arguments there.

Michael tells the group they are going to go to Paleto Bay and rob the Blaine County Savings Bank and asks if there are any questions or comments from the crew. Trevor tells him that Bradley Snider, their old running buddy, would have loved being involved but instead will be molesting white collar criminals in a federal penitentiary. Franklin asks about his role and Lester explains that he'll be in a boat getting ready for the crews escape. Lester gives a brief overview of the plan and the crew leave. Lester stays behind and the four others enter a van to start their journey to a pier in Paleto Bay. Trevor asks if Franklin had ever robbed a bank and he answers that he was the getaway driver in a job Lamar Davis had done. Trevor asks how much the two stole but Franklin states he cannot remember.

Trevor pressures him for the answer and asks Michael about his first bank job. Michael responds that it was in 1988 on the outskirts of Carcer City and that the take was $10,000. The gunman is then asked about their job. Daryl Johns responds that his first bank robbery netted him a few thousand dollars. Norm Richards explains that, after learning Michael had died, he robbed a warehouse for $10,000. Patrick McReary describes his involvement in robbing a Bank of Liberty branch in Liberty City. Chef informs them he killed a cash-for-gold man and his bodyguard, burying most of their bodies in a junkyard, for $50,000. Gustavo Mota tells the group about his first major heist involving a security van, which netted the group $200,000 although most was taken by the Los Santos Vagos. Trevor then presses Franklin for the answer and tells Michael that the group are bonding over their stories.

Michael tells Trevor to tell the story from his bank job and Trevor explains that he went into a checks cashed place and left with $8,000. Michael, however, says that the heist did not go to plan and Trevor comes clean that the employee recognised him, resulting in a six month prison sentence of which he served four. Trevor explains that the moral of the story is to not leave witnesses, but Michael states it is to not rob people you know. Trevor again presses Franklin for the answer and is joined by Michael in wanting the answer. Franklin explains that he and Lamar took $2,000, which Michael describes as good for a first job. Franklin, however, reveals that they did not see any of the money as a dye pack went off, making the money worthless. Trevor calls Franklin an amateur; however, Michael says that they have to learn from their mistakes.

The group arrives in Paleto Bay, and Michael tells Franklin to be ready as they will want to leave quickly. Michael stops the van by a pier, and Franklin gets out. The three drive round the corner to the Blaine County Savings Bank and, now wearing balaclavas, exit the van and storm the bank. Trevor fires a gun shot and the alarm is triggered. The employees and customers are held at gun point by Trevor while Michael goes to check on the gunman who is breaking through a gate to where the safety deposit boxes are kept. Michael kicks the gate open and, outside the bank, a police car carrying two police officers arrives. Trevor kicks the bank's front door open and fires a shot, sending the officers running for safety as Trevor yells that they have hostages. The police call for back up as Trevor goes to the vault area to tell Michael and the gunman that the police had arrived.

Outside, more back up arrives and an officer with a loud speaker tells them they are surrounded with another officer saying he wants to kill the group even if they surrender. The officer with the loud speaker tells them to release the hostages but is shocked to discover the three, suited head to toe in military grade, explosive ordinance disposal body armour and holding machine guns, walking out of the bank. A gunfight ensues and the trio kill all the police officers present. A helicopter arrives, which is shot down and, as the group begin their attempted escape, further reinforcements including a second helicopter begin arriving. As they make their escape through an alleyway they are told by Franklin that there are police officers in the bay making it an impossible escape route. The trio break through a series of fences to go through back gardens but are once again met by police resistance who are joined by NOOSE officers. Michael tells Franklin to find a vehicle that can stand up to some damage to use in their escape, which he believes Franklin can find from a nearby construction site. The three go down a street and head down an alleyway when they discover that the police have been joined by the army in attempting to take them down. During this time the gunman, if the player has chosen Daryl Johns or Norm Richards, will die at the hands of the police.

The three fight their way past more police officers and army soldiers when they spot that the military are flying in a tank. If the gunman is still alive, he suggests that they split up, agreeing to stay behind allowing the others to escape, which Michael agrees to, and Trevor asks Franklin where he is. If Daryl Johns or Norm Richards are chosen, the decision is made by Michael. The play then switches to Franklin, further down the road, in a Dozer and begins driving toward the groups location evading the bullets of various soldiers in the way and the 120 mm shells from a tank. Franklin joins the group and calls out to them. Michael and Trevor get into the scoop. Franklin drives away, avoiding the shots from a tank and a second tank approaching their location, drawing most of the attention away from the gunman. Franklin drives to a chicken factory and the group make their way inside, shooting at the soldiers still chasing them. They make their way through the factory's warehouse, killing more soldiers waiting for them inside with Michael telling Franklin to wait behind him as he does not have any armour.

As they close in on the railway platform the gunman, if still alive, asks about their position and agrees to continue holding his position and to take out as many people heading into the factory as possible. The trio continue to shoot their way through the warehouse and to the railway platform with Michael telling them to jump on to the next passing train. The gunman tells them more ground troops are arriving at the factory and that they may be able to 'get the drop on them'. Michael thanks them and they then report that the soldiers are withdrawing under the impression there is more than one person there. Michael tells them to skip town and go to Lester for further instructions. The group, still killing more soldiers, then jump into a carriage on a passing train. The camera fades and upon returning the train has stopped close to Sandy Shores near Marina Dr. Trevor, Michael and Franklin wake up to find a flashlight being pointed at them by FIB agent Andreas Sanchez. Trevor warns Agent Sanchez about people looking for illegal immigrants, a reference to Joe and Josef, and that he will likely be shot if caught.

Agent Sanchez takes the money from the trio and hands them their cut, which is significantly less than they expected due to what Agent Sanchez calls the 'present scrutiny of public worker remuneration' resulting in each earning $444,206 while the gunman and Lester earn $210,414. Sanchez tells them that his superior, agent Steve Haines, will get in contact with them when everything is ready to infiltrate the Humane Labs and Research facility before driving away in his van. Michael suggests the three split up with Trevor and Franklin leaving together with Michael staying behind by the train to make his own way home.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Let it Rain Fire over 4,000 bullets.
Accuracy Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 50%.
Time Complete the mission in 16 minutes.
Collateral Damage Cause at least $1 million worth of damage in Paleto Bay.


  • The gang can take a maximum of $8,016,020 but can lose money while being shot by the police and army.
  • Chef, if chosen, says "You wanna fight someone, fight the Anunnaki! The Anunnaki are a group of deities in ancient Mesopotamia, which was centered around modern-day Iraq with areas of modern-day Iran, Kuwait, Syria and Turkey. The Anunnaki was also a name used for a group of angels in the 2002 role playing game Demon: The Fallen released by White Wolf Publishing.

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