Columbus Avenue

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Columbus Avenue

Columbus Avenue is a north to south street acting as the primary through of travel through Eastern Algonquin. It is a street being the third-longest and a main street/throughfare in Liberty City. It's based on New York City's Fifth Avenue stretching 20 blocks and has its terminus in East Holland and The Exchange/Castle Gardens.

Description and Notable Landmarks

Its Western Algonquin counterpart is Frankfort Avenue which serves as the primary throughfare of travel through Western Algonquin. Its northern terminus is located in East Holland on the intersection with Uranium street, the street then continues directly south into the Middle Park district. It bypasses the eastern side of the park, the British Embassy and Thomas Stubbs' office on the left, then Yusuf Amir's penthouse is located on Columbus Ave. Whilst passing The Libertonian on the right park-side. Columbus avenue then continues south into the heart of the city. It travels through the eastern side of the Star Junction district passing by famous landmarks such as the Columbus Cathedral and the Live Central Music Venue. During the events of Grand Theft Auto IV, the LibEl electrical company is doing construction work in the Jade-Iron block as the avenue enters The Triangle, drivers can divert around these construction roadworks using nearby roads, where there's United Liberty Paper's office. Continuing south, the avenue bypasses the GetaLife Building and the Grand Easton Terminal. The Avenue then travels into the Lower Easton district, then Chinatown and finally into The Exchange/Castle Gardens, where there's the main Bank of Liberty chain where the road terminates along South Parkway in Castle Gardens. The street is used in some missions; mainly one; Three Leaf Clover, at the Bank of Liberty, and a Rebla can be stolen for Stevie's Car Thefts in Easton. A Pizza This Restraunt is on the south-east corner of Columbus and Garnet, and The Fanny Crabs restaurant can be found also on Columbus Avenue. The Rotterdam Tower should be located on the street, since Columbus Avenue is based on New York's Fifth Avenue and the Empire State Building is on Fifth Avenue, however in GTA IV it's on Denver-Exeter Ave.