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About me

My username is GTAjaxoxo. I have been a fan of the GTA Series for a long time. I have played nearly all games in the GTA Series, except GTA Advance and GTA 1 and 2. I also have a Wikipedia account and I don't have a XBOX Live gamertag, but I have a XBOX, weird isn't it?

Date joined: August 31, 2011

My personal reviews

Grand Theft Auto III

The game that made GTA famous. Known for it's revolutionary gameplay, GTA III still amazes fans (like me).

The game, set in 2001, takes place in Liberty City, where the protagonist (Claude), is left for dead by his ex-girlfriend, Catalina. For me, the introduction was pretty messy, as I didn't get the intro when I first bought it. But when I played the second time, I was amazed by the intro, which is one of the best Rockstar made. After this, he was sent to prison. En route, the car that was transporting him was stopped at it's tracks, and the bridge he was on was blown up. Which was pretty awesome to me, again left to die by the Cartel, he survives the exploding bridge and, along with 8 Ball, drove to a safehouse. Where he got some clothes, and a opportunity to get revenge on Catalina and rule Liberty City. For me, the storyline was one of the best, and though I didn't like where EVERY gang he meets or works with ends up trying to kill him (The Yakuza are the only gang to like him at the end of the game), it was still good. But, at the end, the Yakuza becomes one of the most powerful gangs in the city, and all the gangs that hate him only reduced to a fraction of their power, it's still the same in the beginning.

But one thing I don't like in the story is that nothing changes at the end of the game. Think of it, he starts as a middle class man with a girlfriend to rob banks with, and ends with ANOTHER girlfriend, whom he probably kills. Also one thing I didn't like was that he was pissing off EVERY gang in the city (Apart from the Yakuza's) just to kill a person that nearly killed him. Too much don't you think? For me, why would he kill a person, while pissing off every gang, nearly killing himself, and putting other's lives at risk, not to mention killing innocent lives. He shouldn't have done that, he should have went to Francis International Airport, and fly to San Andreas or Vice City, not pissing off every person in Liberty City. But if that didn't happen, GTA III wouldn't be happening.

Now, the gameplay. The shooting part in GTA III really sucked. Not to mention that you had to face your enemy when your fist fighting him (No targeting systems when fist fighting yet!), and when you shoot an enemy, you sometimes can turn your back, and shooting upwards, but the enemy you're shooting (at the back) is getting shot. Kinda like miracles, ain't it? But that makes me laugh. Another thing I don't like is not being able to crouch. What the f*ck man?! Not being able to crouch? I failed some missions because I can't crouch.

And now, the graphics! For me, the graphics look mediocre, but GTA III was released in 2001, which the standards and the budget was pretty different. Notice when Claude is running, which is funny and whacky. I don't even know a person that runs like that. And notice the bullets, you can see them. Which you can't in real life. The cars also look weird, which looks like a beta drawing of a GTA game. But, then again, it is released in 2001.

Lastly, the character. A thing that amuses me is that Claude is mute, yet people are able to recognize him, and know he's on the phone. How could a person know a person is on the phone without speaking?! Unless he's able to make a noise that that person recognizes, you can't know he's on the phone! Another thing is that people are able to know him and doesn't even bother to know what's his name or anything! Maybe because 8 Ball said his name or his deaf to his colleaugues. No one knows.

Overall, the game is pretty good. But for today's standards, it would not even stand a chance against a average game. But for it's gameplay, it beats a good quality game.

Top 10 Missions: Bomb Da Base: Act II, Sayonara Salvatore, Give Me Liberty, Waka-Gashira Wipeout, Decoy, Last Requests, Rumble, Salvatore's Called A Meeting, The Crook, The Thieves

Worst Top 10 Missions: Dead Skunk in the Trunk, Payday For Ray, A Drop in the Ocean Under Surveillance, Arms Shortage, Blow Fish, Paparazzi Purge, The Exchange, Bait, Grand Theft Aero, The Fuzz Ball

Favorite Car: Diablo Stallion

Favorite Radio Station: Chatterbox FM

Rating: 7.9/10

To be continued.......