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The following is a complete listing of every vehicle which appears in Grand Theft Auto 1.

Sports, muscle and customized cars

Name Image Liberty City San Andreas Vice City
29 Special 29Special-GTA1.png
Beast GTS BeastGTS-GTA1.png
Bulldog Bulldog-GTA1.png
Challenger Challenger-GTA1.png
Cossie Cossie-GTA1.png
Counthash Counthash-GTA1.png
F-19 F-19-GTA1.png
Flamer Flamer-GTA1.png
Hotrod Hotrod-GTA1.png
Itali Itali-GTA1.png
Itali GTB ItaliGTB-GTA1.png
Itali GTO ItaliGTO-GTA1.png
Jugular Jugular-GTA1.png
LeBonham LeBonham-GTA1.png
Mamba Mamba-GTA1.png
Monster Bug MonsterBug-GTA1.png
Panther Panther-GTA1.png
Penetrator (first variant) Penetrator-GTA1-LibertyCity.png
Penetrator (second variant) Penetrator-GTA1-SanAndreas&ViceCity.png
Porka Porka-GTA1.png
Porka Turbo PorkaTurbo-GTA1.png
Roadster Roadster-GTA1.png
Speeder Speeder-GTA1.png
Stallion Stallion-GTA1.png
Stinger Stinger-GTA1.png
Stinger Z29 StingerZ29-GTA1.png

Standard cars

Name Image Liberty City San Andreas Vice City
Brigham Brigham-GTA1.png
Bug Bug-GTA1.png
Classic Classic-GTA1.png
Impaler Impaler-GTA1.png
Limousine (first variant) Limousine-GTA1-LibertyCity.png
Limousine (second variant) Limousine-GTA1-SanAndreas1.png
Limousine (third variant) Limousine-GTA1-SanAndreas2.png
Limousine (fourth variant) Limousine-GTA1-ViceCity.png
Mundano Mundano-GTA1.png
Portsmouth Portsmouth-GTA1.png
Regal Regal-GTA1.png
Thunderhead Thunderhead-GTA1.png
Vulture Vulture-GTA1.png

SUVs, trucks, and vans

Name Image Liberty City San Andreas Vice City
4x4 4x4-GTA1.png
Juggernaut Juggernaut-GTA1.png
Love Wagon LoveWagon-GTA1.png
Pickup (first variant) Pickup-GTA1-LibertyCity.png
Pickup (second variant) Pickup-GTA1-SanAndreas&ViceCity.png
Repair Van RepairVan-GTA1.png
Tanker Tanker-GTA1.png
Transit Van TransitVan-GTA1.png
TV Van (first variant) TVVan-GTA1-LibertyCity.png
TV Van (second variant) TVVan-GTA1-SanAndreas.png
TV Van (third variant) TVVan-GTA1-ViceCity.png

Public service

Name Image Liberty City San Andreas Vice City
Bus (first variant) Bus-GTA1-LibertyCity.png
Bus (second variant) Bus-GTA1-SanAndreas.png
Bus (third variant) Bus-GTA1-ViceCity.png
Coach Coach-GTA1.png
Taxi (first variant) Taxi-GTA1-LibertyCity.png
Taxi (second variant) Taxi-GTA1-SanAndreas.png
Taxi (third variant) Taxi-GTA1-ViceCity.png

Government and emergency

Name Image Liberty City San Andreas Vice City
Ambulance (first variant) Ambulance-GTA1-LibertyCity.png
Ambulance (second variant) Ambulance-GTA1-SanAndreas.png
Ambulance (third variant) Ambulance-GTA1-ViceCity.png
Fire Truck (first variant) FireTruck-GTA1-LibertyCity&ViceCity.png
Fire Truck (second variant) FireTruck-GTA1-SanAndreas.png
Squad Car (first variant) SquadCar-GTA1-LibertyCity.png
Squad Car (second variant) SquadCar-GTA1-SanAndreas.png
Squad Car (third variant) SquadCar-GTA1-ViceCity.png
Tank Tank-GTA1.png


Name Image Liberty City San Andreas Vice City
Train (first variant) Train-GTA1-LibertyCity-locomotive.png
Train (second variant) Train-GTA1-ViceCity-locomotive.png
Tram Tram-GTA1.png


Name Image Liberty City San Andreas Vice City
Bike Bike-GTA1.png
Superbike Superbike-GTA1.png


Name Image Liberty City San Andreas Vice City
Boat Boat-GTA1.png
Helicopter Helicopter-GTA1.jpg
Model Car ModelCar-GTA1.png

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