TV Van

TV Van
A Liberty City TV Van in GTA 1.
A Liberty City TV Van in GTA 1.
A Liberty City TV Van in GTA 1.
Appearance(s) GTA 1
GTA London 1961
Vehicle type Commercial van
Body style Television van

The TV Van, also spelled as T.V. Van, is a television van appearing in various forms in Grand Theft Auto 1, Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 and Grand Theft Auto 2.



The TV Van was introduced in GTA 1, appearing as a simple van with no apparent hint of its function as a television van, although it can also be assumed to be a shuttle van that carries a mobile film crew. in comparison to the Transit Van, the TV Van appear to be more rounded and sleeker in appearance. While appearing in all three cities in GTA 1, the color of the TV Van varies in each city:

  • In Liberty City, the van features a dark purple-and-blue body.
  • In San Andreas, it features a dark green-and-bright green body.
  • In Vice City, it features a maroon-and-magenta body.

Overall, the TV Van is all round average in performance. While as light as a standard car, the van possesses a below average top speed. In other areas, the TV Van fare averagely in acceleration, braking, grip and handling. The van can be exported for up to $800 if delivered in mint condition.

GTA London 1961

A TV Van in GTA London 1961.

The GTA London 1961 rendition of the TV Van assumes the appearance of a large van with a roof-mounted camera. The design of the van is based on the GTA London rendition of the Ambulance, sharing the same van design but is significantly extended in length.

Due to the dramatic difference in the vehicle's design and its heavily equipped nature, the TV Van in GTA London 1961 is far more heavier and slower than the GTA 1 renditions of the TV Van, being heavier than GTA London's Fire Truck, and even possesses a top speed slightly lower than the Garden Shed. Its acceleration and grip are average, while its brakes and handling are also poor. Although it possesses a base value of £900 in mint condition, the TV Van cannot be exported as it is too large.


A TV Van in GTA 2 (In-game, with lights).

In GTA 2, the TV Van is simply a variant of the Van with an additional antenna and mounted base on its roof; the van is otherwise similar to the Van in all respects, including its bulky, utilitarian body design and its performance. A minor feature of the van is the tendency for the antenna to point to the player's Jesus Saves save point, useful when the player wishes to make their way back to a save point. The van appears in all three districts of Anywhere City: The Downtown District, Residential District and Industrial District.

As mentioned, the TV Van's performance is no different from the Van's, with a low top speed and an overworked acceleration. In terms of controls, the TV Van possesses sensitive but heavy steering due to its heavy weight. Its size and weight also makes the vehicle unsuitable for crushing.


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