Paleto Score Setup

Paleto Score Setup
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
For Steve Haines
Dave Norton
Objective To setup the heist of the Blaine County Savings Bank.
Location Liquor Ace in Sandy Shores, Blaine County
Fail Lester Crest dies
The gang are spotted
Unlocks Military Hardware
Unlocked by Minor Turbulence
Time Limit 3:30 (to drive to the Blaine County Savings Bank, gold medal only)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Paleto Score Setup is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonists Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips by corrupt FIB agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton from the Liquor Ace store/methampethamine lab in Sandy Shores, Blaine County.


Michael De Santa arrives at the Liquor Ace store, which is secretly used by Trevor Philips as a methamphetamine lab, after Trevor was instructed by Andreas Sanchez to meet them there and Michael finds Trevor urinating in a corner. Michael mockingly calls the place 'nice' with Trevor stating that sarcasm is the blight of the age. Trevor explains that Michael used to be something until he earned some money resulting in becoming a 'turd' with Michael responding that he always was a 'turd'. The two begin arguing with Trevor threatening to rip open Michael's chest to discover what had replaced his heart. As the two are getting ready to fight, FIB agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton arrive. Norton apologises and tells them they need the two to investigate a research laboratory, which they believe to be manufacturing a nerve gas for use in terrorism. Norton tells the two they will need a 'boat, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter, truck, weapons', and that they will have to fund the necessary items themselves. Michael sarcastically remarks that Trevor had just come into money and the two begin arguing again with Michael reminding Trevor that two weeks ago he was retired before Trevor showed up to torture him over past mistakes. He then reminds the two agents that the group are broke and can not afford a helicopter.

An angry Michael stops ranting and Trevor applauds him, stating that the old Michael has returned. The two agents leave and Haines reminds them not to leave any evidence linking the FIB to their crimes. Michael and Trevor leave and begin driving towards the Blaine County Savings Bank in Paleto Bay. On the way, Michael calls Lester Crest and asks him to meet them in the town as Lester had told Michael he knew about a potential robbery at the bank. Trevor sarcastically remarks that Lester, who uses either a wheelchair or cane to move about, is the one guy they need for a heist involving a few million dollars. Trevor explains to a surprised Michael that the local law enforcement extort money of the methamphetamine labs, weed farms and brothels and place it in the bank for their retirement along with their pay. Michael then begins questioning Trevor about his choices in life such as where he lives and the clothes he wears, calling him a hipster much to Trevor's annoyance.

The two arrive in Paleto Bay and wait by the bus stop, which arrives later in the day. Trevor begins throwing rocks at Michael before the bus arrives. The three get into their car and drive to the front of the bank to check out the alarm system, which Lester believes is so old they can be in and out of the bank before local law enforcement know about it. They look at the front, which Lester calls 'nothing special', before driving to the back of the bank. Lester suggests that breaking the system will cost more money than they can steal but Trevor insists that the bank is the place to hit. Michael gets out and shoots the alarm box, which triggers the alarm, before driving to the Xero gas station opposite the bank to watch the response and listen to the police radio.

The police dispatcher calls for police units to arrive and four respond and state they will arrive in about fifty seconds. The dispatcher tells them more units are on standby, which Lester tells them is a bad thing considering no shots had been fired. Lester tells them the response is not normal to which Trevor responds that the local police are corrupt and that the alarm went off on their 'piggy bank'. Sixty seven seconds after the alarm went off the four police cars arrive. The officers report that there is no problem at the bank but that the alarm could have triggered intentionally. The dispatcher informs them they will set up checkpoints on the Grand Ocean Highway and Senora Fwy for car-to-car searches and record checks. Trevor gets out of the car and, after stealing a motorcycle, begins racing Michael back to Liquor Ace in Sandy Shores while avoiding the checkpoints. Lester tells Michael he knew he should never have gone to help Trevor and that a car chase was inevitable although Michael reminds him they are not being and will not be chased.

The two discuss returning to Trevor's 'office', which Lester already knows is a methampethamine lab and Michael describes it as a 'shit hole' rather than a lab. Michael reassures Lester they will be fine and asks about the alarm system, which Lester says he can disable but at a greater cost than any take from the bank. Lester tells Michael they should walk away as they do not need the money. Michael explains that the IAA is using a research facility to manufacture a nerve gas, which they will release on American soil to gain more funding from the federal government, which Lester describes as being 'idiotically improbable enough to be possible'. Michael continues that agent Haines wants the two to raid the facility and pay for it. Lester explains that they can take on the bank but not cleanly, saying they will have to face the police head on. Lester explains that the local police are not as well trained as the LSPD and will not be as prepared for a well organised team. Lester also tells Michael that he has a couple of ideas on how to turn the odds more in favour.

Michael, Lester and Trevor arrive back at the Liquor Ace store and make their way upstairs. Lester begins setting up a board to plan the heist as Trevor gets some 'leftovers' out of the fridge, which he heats up in a microwave for Michael. After heating it up, Trevor hands the bowl to Michael. After looking in the bowl Michael hands it back to Trevor having found an eyelid among the food, which Trevor states is 'probably not even human'. Lester, having finished setting up the board with options on how to rob the bank, calls Michael over as Trevor begins eating the leftovers. Lester informs the two that the military have convoys going to Fort Zancudo passing near Sandy Shores carrying military grade hardware, which they can hijack to give an extra edge over law enforcement. Lester then explains that the group can use the ocean as an escape route as Franklin Clinton could wait with a boat as an escape route. Lester explains that while the plan is far from perfect it is the best he can do at short notice and under pressure.

Michael agrees to the plan and picks the gunman needed for the job with the options of Chef, Daryl Johns, Patrick McReary (if unlocked), Gustavo Mota or Norm Richards. Lester begins to leave saying he will get some equipment ready, telling Michael to contact Franklin and Trevor to 'do what you do'. Trevor offers his trailer for a place to stay, despite being over crowded with Michael and Patricia Madrazo already staying there, but Lester responds that he will get a motel. Michael offers to drive him there and they leave shortly before Trevor throws up in a doorway next to the fridge.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Leisurely Drive Drive to the Blaine County Savings Bank in 3:30.
Winner Win the race back to Liquor Ace.

Post mission phone call

Trevor Philips: Franklin, buddy. Wassup?

Franklin Clinton: Hey look, there's these redneck dudes looking for you, homie. Some angry motherfuckers. I found where they stay man, and I been following them...

Trevor Philips: Okay. That's got to be the O'Neil brothers - what's left of 'em. I'll pick up Michael and we'll come to you.

Franklin Clinton: T! Eh, man...


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