Predator (mission)

Game GTA V
For Trevor Philips
Objective Track down and eliminate the surviving O'Neil Brothers
Target Elwood O'Neil
Walton O'Neil
Wynn O'Neil
Location Trevor Philips' Trailer in Sandy Shores, Blaine County
Fail Chop dies
Trevor's helicopter is shot down
Unlocks Paleto Score Setup
Unlocked by Minor Turbulence

Predator is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonists Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa by fellow protagonist Trevor Philips, who also participates in the mission, from Trevor's trailer in Sandy Shores, Blaine County.


Trevor, inside his trailer, begins pouring gasoline from a jerry can into a cup while Michael De Santa leaves a message on his sons phone asking him to phone him after the family had left. Trevor begins mocking Michael and sniffing the gasoline as Patricia Madrazo, who had been kidnapped, walks in. She takes the cup of gasoline away and slaps Trevor, to Michael's amusement. Trevor gets two beers from the fridge and Michael asks where Trevor and Ron Jakowski had been. The two begin to discuss their lives and their opposing perspectives on life with Trevor claiming that he is so sane he should open up a mental health clinic. Trevor informs Michael that he had phoned Franklin Clinton much to Michael's annoyance, as they are in hiding for kidnapping Patricia and Franklin is a known accomplice of theirs, Trevor complains that Michael's immediate reaction was to think of himself and not to ask what the problem causing him to phone Franklin was. Trevor successfully guilt trips Michael into assisting him and as they leave, Patricia tells them to have fun and not come back too late.

The two begin to drive towards Sandy Shores' airfield and Trevor tells Michael that Franklin is tailing some people. The mission then switches to Franklin just north of North Chumash, where Elwood, Walton and Wynn O'Neil finally realise that Franklin had been following them since Sandy Shores. The three speed off but are followed by Franklin. Trevor phones and Franklin informs him that they were about to launch an RPG into his condo before a roommate, most likely Floyd Hebert, told them he no longer lived there. The three O'Neil brothers leave the highway and go on to the rural dirt roads toward Raton Canyon and are followed by Franklin until they swerve to avoid hitting an elk, as Trevor tells him they will be arriving soon to provide air support.

The O'Neils, are swerving, crash their vehicle and scatter hiding in the forest as Franklin and Chop run to the crashed vehicle. Franklin phones Trevor to tell him about their accident and the play switches back to Trevor and Michael on Zancudo Ave heading towards the airfield. The two enter the helicopter and begin flying to Raton Canyon, with Trevor giving a brief overview of their history but missing out killing most of the O'Neil brothers and destroying their farm. Michael also realises that they had used the helicopter before, to break into the IAA building and that the helicopter actually belongs to the FIB. The two arrive and Michael, using a sniper rifle with a thermal scope, locates and kills Walton and Wynn O'Neil. One is swimming in the river while another is walking through the forest. After killing the two, an RPG almost hits the helicopter and Michael says that he can not get a shot as Elwood is hiding behind a rock.

The play switches back to Franklin and Chop who begin searching and locate Elwood who continues to fire RPGs at the helicopter. Elwood attempts to escape but is killed by Franklin, claiming that he'll be back to 'avenge myself. Trevor flies the helicopter to Franklin and Chop, lowering it down for the them to get into the helicopter. Michael asks if anyone is trying to kill Trevor who responds that it's only "some bikers, the Chinese, Madrazo's people". He also remarks that Michael is not a popular man either. Trevor flies the group back to the airfield in Sandy Shores and tells them that he owns the airfield. Michael thanks Franklin for his support as does Trevor, who also thanks Chop. Michael asks for more information on why the O'Neils wanted to kill Trevor. Trevor finally reveals that he had killed a number of the O'Neil brothers and destroyed their farm before arriving back at the airfield. Franklin enters an SUV with Chop and tells Michael he'll drop him off at Trevor's trailer. The two leave as Trevor remains on his airfield.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Accuracy Complete the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
Time Complete the mission in under 9 minutes.
Headshots Kill all three O'Neil brothers with headshots.
Thin the Herd Don't kill any animals.

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