Mr. Raspberry Jam

Mr. Raspberry Jam
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Appearances GTA V
Full Name Mr. Raspberry Jam
Aliases Mr. Jam
Gender Gender::Male
Home San Andreas
Family Debra (previous owner)
Trevor Phillips (lover, through objectophilia)
Main Affiliations Floyd Hebert
Vehicles Trevor's Bodhi (decorative addition)

Mr. Raspberry Jam is a teddy bear in the HD Universe appearing in Grand Theft Auto V as an interactive object. Mr. Raspberry Jam is owned by Los Santos resident Debra but is later stolen and forced into a relationship through objectophilia with Trevor Phillips.

Character history

Mr. Raspberry Jam is first seen in the mission Scouting the Port, where it is revealed that Trevor had dressed the bear in a pair of Debra's panties, plucked out it's right eye, and using petroleum jelly, had sex with the eye socket and ejactulated into it, leaving the mess and showing the bear to Floyd and Wade Hebert. After the mission Hang Ten, Mr. Raspberry Jam will become a decorative piece stuck into the grill of Trevor's Canis Bodhi. Trevor's unhealthy relationship with Mr. Raspberry Jam is clear evidence of many of Trevor's faults and issues, including his abandonment issues, objectophilia, and bestiality.


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Mr. Raspberry Jam as he appears while Trevor can interact with him.

Until the mission Hang Ten, Mr. Raspberry Jam will be available in Floyd and Debra's apartment in their Vespucci Beach apartment, Trevor will pick up Mr. Raspberry Jam rubbing him, caressing him, hugging him, sniffing him, whispering to him (or making it seem as if the bear is whispering to him), and sometimes dancing with him while making obvious disturbing statements:

  • You are a naughty bear, Mr. Jam.
  • Friends, forever.
  • Later, you filthy bear, you.
  • Who's a good bear?
  • If you wanna do that, we're gonna need a safe word.
  • Mucky nose. Naughty.
  • You smell like the sea.
  • How could I say no to you?
  • Oh now, you have the filthiest mouth, you know that.
  • Look at you.
  • You're a naughty little bear.
  • Aren't you a trooper, arentcha?
  • Whoa. I'm vanilla by your standards.
  • You need a clean.
  • You'll keep our secret...
  • Couchie, couchie coo.


  • Upon closer inspection of Floyd's apartment, it can be seen that Trevor had sorted through numerous stuffed animals, throwing them out in a garbage can that he dragged into Floyd's room, before choosing Mr. Raspberry Jam.
  • Mr. Raspberry Jam is the first object in the Grand Theft Auto series to be in an object-human relationship.