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VIP Luxury Ringtones is a website in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is a parody of premium mobile phone content providers such as Jamba (known as Jamster in English-speaking countries). The player can purchase themes and ringtones after the mission Photo Shoot for $100 each. In Episodes From Liberty City, the player can purchase content at any time after the introductory mission. The company advertises via radio and television.

Note that it can be considered that these ringtones and themes only cost $99, as a $1 fee applies for using an internet cafe, so it comes down to $100 in total.

List of MP3 Ringtones

109 - Instrumental
Bassmatic - Song from Lips 106 in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Credit Check - Song from Lips 106
Drive - Song from Head Radio in GTA Liberty City Stories
Funk In Time - Song from Lips 106
Get Down - Song from Lips 106
Dragon Brain - Theme from Dragon Brain
Into Something - Song from Lips 106
Mine Until Monday - Song from Lips 106
Take The Pain - Song from Head Radio
The One For Me - Song from Head Radio
Tonight - Song from Lips 106
Hooker - Theme from America's Next Top Hooker
Science of Crime - Theme from The Science Of Crime (similar to The Who's Won't Get Fooled Again, the theme from CSI Miami)

List of SFX Ringtones

Beheading - Sound of a guillotine
Champagne - cork popping and champagne being poured into a glass
Diamonds' - Sparkle
Flat Line - Life support system being shut off
Jet - Jet engine flying by
Lesbians - Two women moaning in pleasure
Money Counter - Money being counted in a money counter
Old Bitch - Old woman breaking her hip

List of Themes

It is worth noting that each theme consists of a single image wiith smaller images floating upwards. On menus, the logo on the theme disappears.

Sprunk - Green Sprunk bottle with text "The Essence of Life"
Burger Shot - Burger Shot name with two burgers
Cluckin' Bell - Cluckin' Bell logo with two bells and a chicken
eCola - Red theme with eCola logo and bottles. Text reads "Deliciously Infectious"
Heat- Red theme with the word "heat" and basketball pattern in background
Release - Pink bubble gum theme with the phrase "You chew, you suck, then POW!"
MeTV - Purple/pink theme featuring MeTV logo
Perseus - Stone colored theme featuring the Perseus logo
Honkers - Woman's body with the Honkers logo.
America's Next Top Hooker - Green theme featuring the show's logo and the CNT logo and condoms.
Rusty Brown's - Theme for Rusty Brown's donuts. Brown and orange featuring the logo, Rusty Brown and floating donuts.
VIP Luxury Ringtones - 'Bling' theme inspired by this website.

Payment Glitch

It is possible to get every single theme and ringtone for only $100 instead of paying $100 each. Just buy them all in one session and Niko is only charged $100 when the player logs out since the internet cafes are not allowed to charge each computer user more than $100, therefore the player doesn't pay the $1 charge to use a computer at the cafe making that session free (or makes the ringtone $99).