Secrets in GTA Vice City

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Two shots of the ending sequences of both Scarface, and GTA VC. Note the similar setting.

The following is a list of secrets, easter eggs, and hidden trivia references in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Easter Eggs

  • In Downtown Vice City near the Vice City News building there is a window where the player can jump through and the player will find the "Easter Egg Room" which is basically an actual brown easter egg on top of a pedestal.
  • Get a boat, and go near the bridge heading to Starfish Island. Look under the water and you'll see a fat man wearing cement shoes at the bottom of the sea.

Gaming References


  • While the player flies through Starfish Island the player may see a pool that is shaped like the Rockstar Games logo.
  • Located in Ocean Beach, there is a shop titled Rockster Video Games. The name is an obvious reference to Rockstar Games. It also includes artwork of 8-ball and various GTA characters.

Previous GTA games

The posters inside the Ocean View Hotel


  • Avery Carrington's instructions to Tommy Vercetti during the mission Two Bit Hit is almost exactly the same as those given by Donald Love to Claude during the mission Waka-Gashira Wipeout in Grand Theft Auto III. Carrington instructs Love to write down what he is saying to Tommy: "Now, nothing brings down real estate prices quicker than a good old-fashioned gang war - 'cept maybe a disaster, like a biblical plague or something, but, that may be going too far in this case". Love, in GTA III, states "Nothing drives down real estate prices like a good old fashioned gang war, apart from the outbreak of a plague, but that might going too far in this case".

Other games

Real-world references

  • In the film studio, in one of the recording rooms, is a remake of the lunar lander. This is reference to the conspiracy that the Lunar landing was filmed on Earth.
  • Inside the Apartment 3c when the player enters the bathroom the player may see a tremendous amount of blood and a chainsaw available for the character. This is a possible reference to the famous movie Scarface.
  • If you have a RPG , go to the Ammu-Nation downtown and stand on the helmets on the counter, make sure you aim the RPG to the street, and turn the RPG around so its facing the wall and you will see a picture of Ronald Reagan shooting a picture of Gorbachev.
    In the wall of the downtown Ammunation is a picture of Reagan shooting a picture of Gorbachev.
  • Tommy Vercetti is likely based off Tony Montana from the film Scarface. The two both end up in exile, both rise to power in Miami using great amounts of violence, both build an empire from a large estate and mansion, both have short tempers and are prone to violence, both work as contract killers, and both killed their collaborators and took their ex-bosses' empires.
  • The appearance of Tommy Vercetti is likely based off Mr. Blond from the film Reservoir Dogs. The two characters also share the fact that they both spent time in prison for their bosses in common.
  • Ken Rosenberg is likely based off David Kleinfeld from the film Carlito's Way. The two characters have a similar appearance and both are rendered increasingly paranoid and incoherent due to their cocaine addictions. The offices of both characters are also almost identical.
  • Gonzalez may be based on Nick the Pig from Scarface.
  • Mr. Black and Leo Teal are likely references to Reservoir Dogs, as both mans surnames are colours, as are the code names of each of the robbers in the film.
  • Dick, one of the four Love Fist band members, states that he is a fan of Duran Duran.
  • Hilary King may be based on Neil McCauley from the film Heat, as both are involved in the criminal underworld and both live a solitary existence that forbids attachment and stresses mobility.
  • Alex Shrub may be based off former American president George H. W. Bush and former Florida governor Jeb Bush. A shrub and bush are both plants, whilst the nickname shrub was given to George W. Bush by author Molly Ivins. Shrub's voice is also similar to that of George H. W. Bush.
  • Laura Shrub's name may be a reference to former American First Lady Laura Bush. Laura Bush's husband, former President George W. Bush, was given the nickname shrub by author Molly Ivins.
  • BJ Smith's name is similar to that of OJ Simpson, whilst they are both also former football players.
  • The Hyman Memorial stadium in the second island may be a reference to Hyman Roth from the Godfather which is also in some parts of the film based in Miami.
  • The death of Hilary King and possible death of Cam Jones during The Job may be a reference to the film Heat, in which a shootout with police results in the deaths of Michael Cheritto and Donald Breedan.
  • The mission Publicity Tour, where Tommy Vercetti drives a limousine whilst the band members deactivate a bomb, is based off the film Speed where Officer Jack Traven is forced to drive a bus at over 50mph to stop a bomb detonating.
  • The events of Keep Your Friends Close... is similar to the ending of Scarface, involving a shootout in the protagonists mansion, although Tommy Vercetti survives the shootout, unlike Tony Montana.
  • The interior of Ricardo Diaz' mansion, later taken by Tommy Vercetti after the mission Rub Out, is similar in appearance to the mansion owned by Tony Montana from Scarface.
  • The film Bite, starring Candy Suxxx, is a parody of the film Jaws series.
  • The song "Freaks Come Out at Night" by Whodini is played in the background during the mission The Job, although it does not appear on any of the games radio stations. The song does, however, appear on Fresh FM in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
  • Also the song "Burnin' For You" by Blue Oyster Cult is played in the background during the mission Boomshine Saigon, although it does not appear on any of the game's radio stations.


  • Across the street from the Pole Position, next door to 'Rockstar Video Games' there is a sign that reads "Air Guitars from $199".

Adult humor

  • During night, a pattern of lights can be seen on the Vice Point Langer building. When viewed from certain perspectives the pattern resembles a penis.
  • Located on Starfish Island, a pool can be seen in the shape of a female body.
  • On the roof of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory there are two dome shaped scoops of ice cream. the domes resemble woman's breasts. Also the name cherry poppers is slang term for first loss of virginity of a woman.