Barbers in GTA San Andreas

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Selecting a hairstyle at Reece's Hair & Facial Studio in GTA San Andreas, with the player already sporting a haircut from this barber.

Barbers in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allow the player to choose a hairstyle for Carl Johnson, the game's protagonist.


Barbers become available in the third main story mission, "Ryder". The types of hairstyles selected may enhance both the player's respect from Grove Street Families members and the player's sex appeal towards girlfriends.

To interact with a barber, the player must enter a barber shop, then walk to a small red halo beside one of the barber chairs. The player is then given a specific selection of haircuts to pick from, and may try haircuts before they choose one. Although the player is typically assumed to settle on a haircut in each visit, the player can in fact purchase multiple haircuts in one sitting. Like tattoos and unlike clothing, the player must pay again for a haircut that they have prior. Once the player exits the haircut selection interface, the player character will automatically walk out of the barber shop.

In total, there are seven barbers throughout San Andreas all categorized into only three types, two of which are only limited to one outlet each.

List of barbers

Reece's Hair and Facial Studio

Reece's Hair & Facial Studio is in Idlewood, Los Santos. The barber servicing the store is known as Old Reece, and is an affiliate of the Grove Street Families. It is unlocked after the mission "Ryder". The barber shop is only a shopfront away from a tattoo parlor.


Refer to /Hairstyles#Old Reece's Hair and Facial Studio for a comprehensive list of haircuts offered at Old Reece's Hair and Facial Studio.

Macisla Unisex Hair Salon

The Macisla Unisex Hair Salon (also known simply as "Barber Shop" by its outdoor sign) is found in Playa Del Seville, Los Santos. Like Old Reece's, Macisla boasts a unique interior with sleek and modernized design and a unique barber model, an African American character. The "Macisla Unisex Hair Salon" name is derived from the interior's mirrors, although the exterior implies it is simply known as "Barber Shop".


Refer to /Hairstyles#Macisla Unisex Hair Salon for a comprehensive list of haircuts offered at the Macisla Unisex Hair Salon.

Miscellaneous barbershops

Other barbershops throughout San Andreas fall into a single group that offer the player the same set of hairstyles, and feature the same interior (a similarly modern interior as Macisla, distinguished by its checkered tile floor) and the same barber model (a Caucasian character with a radical hairstyle). The barber himself is also implied to be a member of the Epsilon Program, including mention of the group and "Kifflom" in speech. The only difference is their exteriors and storefronts, which often assume different names and design.

These barbers include:


Refer to /Hairstyles#Miscellaneous barbershops for a comprehensive list of haircuts offered at the miscellaneous barbershops.


  • Haircuts will remove any hat items that the player may be wearing, except the burglary mask.
    • As the burglary mask is worn over the player's hair and thus completely flattens any of the player's hair, it is more difficult to visually identify current or selected hairstyles while wearing the headgear.

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