Ryder (mission)

Ryder embraces Carl Johnson as a welcome back
Ryder embraces Carl Johnson as a welcome back

Ryder embraces Carl Johnson as a welcome back
Game GTA San Andreas
For Ryder
Location Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Tagging Up Turf
Tattoo Parlors
Unlocked by Sweet & Kendl

Ryder is the second storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by tertiary antagonist and high-ranking Grove Street Families member Lance "Ryder" Wilson from his house in the Grove Street cul-de-sac in the Ganton district of Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl drops by Ryder's home, with Ryder greeting and telling Carl that The Well Stacked Pizza Co. store in Idlewood keeps painting over a Grove Street Families tag on the building, and he wants to teach the owner a lesson. Whilst driving to the store, Carl asks about Old Reece, a barber, and despite warnings that he "popped his membrane years ago", goes to Reece's Hair & Facial Studio to get a haircut.

Afterwards, Carl goes to the pizza parlor to order some food, whilst Ryder prepares to rob the store. Ryder then attempts to rob the store, but the store manager scares them off with a shotgun. Carl and Ryder quickly leave the store and drive back to Ryder's home.


Ryder: (as Carl enters while he is working on a cigar roll) Hey, man, what you want?

CJ: Seeing my homie. What's up with you?

Ryder: (avoids eye contact) Yeah, homie, yeah yeah. It's good to see you back.

CJ: No homie love? No hug?

Ryder: (rises to hug Carl) Oh, for sure, for sure my nigga, my bad. What's crackin' with you?

CJ: (points to the table) Hey, man, what you strapped for?

Ryder: Man, some pizza place keeps painting over our hit up, man! That shit is beautiful. Teach the owner a lesson. He's fucking with Grove Street. (picks up his pistol) You down?

CJ: I'm always down.

Ryder: (picks up his cigar roll) Ahhh, yeah... (puts it near his ear) Let's go, bitch. (outside the house) Hey, show me how they drive on the East Coast, homie!

(Carl and Ryder begin to drive to The Well Stacked Pizza Co. store in Idlewood.)

CJ: Hey, Old Reece still run the barber shop?

Ryder: Like a raggedy-assed motherfucker! He popped his membrane years ago! No WAY I'd let that old fool near MY head!

CJ: Yeah, I think I'll get cut up.

Ryder: Whatever. You got five minutes. I'll be cutting you like a DJ. So when you running off again?

CJ: I'm not, I'm thinkin' of staying.

Ryder: Why?

CJ: My family, the homies is here.

Ryder: We were always here, fool!

CJ: Yeah, but, now I'm back and I know what I've been missing.

Ryder: Don't expect me to kiss your ass or nothing. You're still a busta to me.

CJ: Yeah, OK, Thanks homie.

Ryder: Don't mention it.

(Carl and Ryder arrive at Reece's Hair & Facial Studio, with Carl entering the building and getting a haircut.)

Ryder: (if he dislikes the haircut) Shit! I told you he was crazy! Man, you jacked up! (if he likes the haircut) You know something? I take it back. Old Reece still got it cracking. (looks to the store) Man, what's this? Shit looks ridiculous. No respect for the 'hood, all clean and shit. Looking too skinny, CJ. Go and get us something to eat. I'm gonna finish this. Then I'm going to take care of business.

(Carl enters The Well Stacked Pizza Co. store and orders some food, whilst Ryder enters with a mask on attempting to hold up the store.)

Ryder: (points his pistol on) Give up the money! This a raid!

Store Manager: Ryder! Not this again!

Ryder: It ain't me, fool.

Store Manager: No one else is that small! I feel sorry for your dad!

CJ: (to Ryder) Shit, you crazy! Let's get up outta here!

Ryder: (to Carl) Same old CJ! Busta! Straight busta! (the manager fires a shotgun towards Carl) Oh, shit! RUN!

(Carl and Ryder run out of the store and back to Ryder's car.)

Store Manager: This pizza parlor is no push-over!

(Carl and Ryder enter Ryder's car.)

Ryder: What you waiting for, fool? Take us back to the Grove, motherfucker!

(Carl drives Ryder back to his home in Grove Street.)

Ryder: Better drop by and see Sweet. He's been yapping on about that graffiti, too. Later, homie! (leaves)


The reward for completing the mission is an increase of three Respect points. The mission Tagging Up Turf is unlocked. A phone call from Sweet will also be available, describing changes in the city's gangs.


  • Ryder's indifference towards Carl in the opening cutscene when he is rolling his cigar suggests two prospects - one, he cared little about Carl, having joined forces against the Grove Street Families, and two, he and Carl's brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson remain bitter about Carl's youngest brother Brian Johnson's death, causing Ryder to come across as rude before Carl points out his behaviour.
  • Just after you come out of the barbers and talk to Ryder, if you come out with the Cornrow, he takes back what he said about Reece, but if you come out with any other hairstyle he will continue to insult Reece.
  • The song heard inside Ryder's home is Alwayz Into Somethin' by NWA, a song also heard in Radio Los Santos.
  • The clerk at the pizza shop says to Ryder "I feel sorry for your dad", similar to what a clerk says to a character in the beginning of the movie "Menace II Society", which Ryder's voice actor, MC Eiht, has appeared in.
  • In the brief cutscene at Ryder's House, Ryder armed himself with a Glock, but when he's about to rob the Pizza Parlor, he pulls out a 9mm.
  • Killing the pizza clerk is a good way to obtain a shotgun early on in the game.

Post-mission Phone Call

CJ: Hello?

Sweet: Hey, CJ, it's Sweet!

CJ: Hey, wassup?

Sweet: Since you been away, shit has changed around here. Grove Street Families ain't big no more. Seville Boulevard Families and Temple Drive Families are beefing, and split with the Grove. Now we so busy set tripping that the Ballas and Vagos, have taken over, so watch yourself out there.

CJ: Yeah, I hear you, thanks for the heads up.

Sweet: Don't mention it.


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