Big Smoke's Crack Palace

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The exterior of Big Smoke's Crack Palace being guarded by two Ballas gangsters shooting at Carl Johnson during End of the Line.

Big Smoke's Crack Palace is the home of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas character Big Smoke and is used as a crack palace by the Ballas, Los Santos Vagos and the Russian Mafia, and as a front to sell drugs around the city, mostly crack cocaine, hence the name, while their enemies, the Grove Street Families are disbanded, Ganton is owned by the Ballas, Carl taken away by Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski and Sweet is imprisoned. The power of Big Smoke increases with the drug trade from the Crack Palace to all over Los Santos. The building is located in East Los Santos, Los Santos. Big Smoke moves into the building sometime after Carl Johnson is forced to leave Los Santos. The other front of Big Smoke's drug empire, second to the Crack Palace, is the yay factory in Doherty, San Fierro, destroyed by Carl Johnson in the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. In the mission End of the Line, Carl Johnson enters the building and kills Big Smoke, before Frank Tenpenny destroys part of the building. The building can be accessed after the mission End of the Line. There are also Sprunk vending machines inside the crack palace. The statue that is in the picture, is how Big Smoke was actually going to be depicted as seen in the first trailer of San Andreas.


  • On the PlayStation 2, the entrance to Big Smoke's Crack Palace can be blown off with any sort of high level explosive (Rocket Launcher's and Remote Grenades for example, regular Grenades and car explosions do not work) before End of the Line, which reveals Blue Hell. However, this was fixed when the game came out on the PC.
  • When shooting the statue of Big Smoke, as seen in the picture, the sparks that come out look a bit like blood.
  • Whereas Tenpenny destroyed the machinery in the drug lab during the events of End of the Line, it cannot be destroyed in normal gameplay.


  • The crack palace is made up of four floors, the "Security Area", the "Drug Lab", the "Ballas Lounge" and Big Smoke's suite, as depicted in the mission "End of the Line".
  • Even though the Crack Palace was blown up during the last mission it is still accessible after without a bit of damage