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The Cartel Mansion compound in Grand Theft Auto III (set in 2001).

The Cartel mansion is a large mansion located in Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City, in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The mansion is the largest home in Cedar Grove, and its compound includes a garage, a garden and a pool.



In GTA III, set in 2001, the mansion is seemingly used by the Cartel, which is led by Catalina close to the end of the storyline, as a base of operation. The player can enter the compound by arriving in a Cartel Cruiser to allow the compound gate to automatically open.

The mansion becomes a focal point during "Ransom" when Maria is kidnapped by the Cartel and Claude is instructed by Catalina to head to the mansion and hand over a $500,000 ransom in exchange for Maria's life. Having lured him in, Catalina leaves Claude at the mercy of her Cartel men, with Maria in tow. After surviving an onslaught of several Cartel goon, Claude manages to escape the compound, pursuing Catalina to Cochrane Dam, killing her, and rescuing Maria. After the events of GTA III, it is unknown if the Cartel still own the mansion.

GTA Liberty City Stories

In GTA Liberty City Stories, it was formerly owned by Donald Love in 1998 during the events of the game. After being blackmailed by the Colombian Cartel, Love was forced to escape the city and with the help of Toni Cipriani, who killed dozens of Cartel men, raiding the mansion in order to kill Love - he managed to make it to the airport while heaps of dead bodies were laying on the garden. The Cartel claimed the mansion afterward.

The mansion has a huge interior briefly seen in a cutscene.

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