LVA Freight Depot

The LVA Freight Depot, as viewed to the northwest in GTA San Andreas.
LVA Freight Depot location's in San Andreas' map.

The LVA Freight Depot is an area in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, location on the southerwestern corner of Las Venturas.


As Las Venturas lacks industrial docks, (unlike San Fierro's Easter Basin and Los Santos's Ocean Docks) the city has to rely on its airport for freight. But the airport's limited space with two runways causes a lack of space for a huge freight centre. Thus, the LVA Freight Depot is located south of the airport. It is situated north of the Blackfield Chapel and the Randolph Industrial Estate. To the west are Greenglass College and the Blackfield Intersection. To the east are the Harry Gold Parkway and The Four Dragons Casino.

It is here where the player can access the four events of the Las Venturas Street Races. It only shows up on the map after completing Driving School and the Verdant Meadows mission. Two events involve traveling from San Fierro to Las Venturas, circling the Julius Thruway, and the other two events involve riding through the desert using motorbikes.

Notable locations




Parked Vehicles

  • ZR-350 (parked at the LVA Freight Depot next to the entrance facing the airport)