A Leviathan helicopter at the Verdant Meadows airstrip.

The Leviathan is an amphibious helicopter that appears Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Based on the UH-3 Sea King, the Leviathan is the second largest helicopter on the game and has the ability to land on water thanks to its boat-shaped hull. It is very slow and sluggish, slowly ascends, and strangely has the same rotor sound as the Hunter, Cargobob, and Raindance. Its name comes from the mythological creature of the same name.

The Leviathan is used in the mission Up, Up and Away! in which the helicopter has a crane with a magnet attached to the bottom that can be used to lift vehicles. There is no way to obtain any helicopter with a magnet like this outside of this mission, but some mods may enable the Leviathan to have a magnet crane attached to it. The Leviathan from this mission can be saved, but its magnet will not be saved in the garage. Once completing the mission, a Leviathan will spawn at Verdant Meadows, but it does not come with a magnet.

It is also seen in the mission Interdiction to drop a package, and Carl Johnson has to protect it from many FBI Mavericks that give chase.


  • Like most other aircraft in GTA San Andreas, the Leviathan plays K-DST by default.