Gray Imports

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Gray Imports
Frank Tenpenny informing Carl Johnson about a deal between the Russian Mafia and the Ballas.

Frank Tenpenny informing Carl Johnson about a deal between the Russian Mafia and the Ballas.
Game GTA San Andreas
For C.R.A.S.H.
Target Ballas
Russian Mafia
Location Market, Los Santos, San Andreas
Fail Russian man escapes
Reward None

Gray Imports is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to the protagonist Carl Johnson by the C.R.A.S.H. team from the Jim's Sticky Ring donut shop in Market, Los Santos, San Andreas.


CJ goes to the Ocean Docks where the Ballas and Russians are having a deal. He needs to get in the office where everything is going on, so he heads into the warehouse by destroying the keypad next to the gate for this which will open the gate and three mechanics with SMGs start to fire at him. He kills all of them and kills more Russians and Ballas behind a barrier inside. He heads up stairs where there is a Balla waiting for him that he kills then follows the Russian who if escapes, will head for a Banshee where CJ chases him and successfully kills him.


Eddie Pulaski: Carl!

Carl Johnson: Damn!

(CJ turns over and is about to go but Pulaski grabs him by the collar)

Frank Tenpenny: Where you off to?

Carl Johnson: Shit!

Frank Tenpenny: Where you running off to, Carl, I thought we were friends?!

Carl Johnson: Yeah, whatever...

Frank Tenpenny: As an officer in charge of putting an end to gang violence, I find myself in a difficult moral position, Carl.

Carl Johnson: Yeah, right.

Frank Tenpenny: Carl, I'm hurt, I truly am. And just as I was about to help those poor Grove Street boys.

Carl Johnson: Oh, yeah? How?

Frank Tenpenny: I like the status quo, Carl. I like having all you bastards doing my job for me - blowing each other's guts all over the sidewalk.

Carl Johnson: Dumb bastards?

Frank Tenpenny: Now, if it's brought to my attention that one tribe gets an unfair advantage over another, that truly troubles me, Carl.

Carl Johnson: So what you saying, man?

Frank Tenpenny: I'm saying the Ballas have brains, Carl, they watch the news. I'm saying they're making friends, cutting deals, and tooling up for more than half-assed drive-bys. Lots of cheap guns coming into America since the fall of the wall, Carl.

(Tenpenny heads to the passenger door)

Carl Johnson: Man, cut that bullshit, Tenpenny - just say what you mean, man.

Frank Tenpenny: Go check out a bust freight warehouse down the docklands and you'll see what I mean, Carl.

Carl Johnson: Yeah, okay.

(Tenpenny gets in the police car)

Eddie Pulaski: Y'all take care, now!

Carl Johnson: For sure.

Fireproof/Explosionproof cars

During this mission the player can turn his/her car Fireproof/Explosion proof by going into the red marker while still in the car. Note that if a bulletproof vehicle is driven in the marker, it will lose its qualities and pick these up.


  • During the mission a Russian dealer calls Carl Johnson "Amerikasky", but this is incorrect. In the Russian language "American" and "American man" are the different words, so right variant sounds like "Amerikanets". Also, the degoratory word is "Amerikashka".
  • Immediately after the end of the cutscene, a Banshee driven by a random pedestrian will appear. It has the particularity of having much higher health than a regular car, making it suitable to resist bullets from the first wave of grunts for drive-by or ramming/running-over methods. Watch out for explosive barrels though, they will make short work of the car.


Video walkthrough

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