Special Vehicles in GTA III

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Special Vehicles are types of vehicles that have unique qualities in contrast to standard ones. Such of these are unique/permanent colors and proofing against bullets, explosions, fire, or collisions. Also take note that the accuracy of the page history may not be correct.

Unique trait Code Description
Bullet-proof BP The vehicle receives no damage from direct hits from bullets.
Fire-proof FP The vehicle receives no damage from any flames or fires except when the vehicle is already burning from other forms of damage.
Explosion-proof EP The vehicle receives no damage from any explosions inflicted upon the vehicle.
Damage-proof DP The vehicle receives no damage from collisions or any form of physical damage (i.e. melee weapons).
Pop-proof PP The vehicle's tires cannot be popped by any means. This property cannot be saved in a garage.
Permanent color PC The vehicle's paint job cannot be changed in a spray shop when it could otherwise. This property cannot be saved in a garage.
Heavy H The vehicle's mass is greater than it should be normally. The car will feel "heavier" and will lose less momentum when colliding into dynamic objects. However, heavy cars are more susceptible to damage and will only take two or three hits before starting smoking or even exploding. This property cannot be saved in a garage.
Unique paint job Name of color The vehicle's paint job is unique and cannot be obtained through spray shops, mod shops, or permanent parking spots. However, the unique paintjob can be painted over and lost if the player enters a spray shop with the vehicle.
Unique handling UH The vehicle's handling is altered to let the player be able to cut corners and turn more quickly than normal. This property cannot be saved in a garage.
Rare R The model of the vehicle appears only a few times during missions in the game (i.e. the Spand Express).
Unobtainable U The vehicle cannot be accessed or driven by the player outside the mission. Obtaining and saving the vehicle is near impossible without resorting to modifications (i.e. Andromada), except if obtained using cheats (i.e. Turismo Cheetahs).
Destroying a proofed vehicle

Proofed vehicles are not indestructible. There are many of ways to wreck a BP/FP/EP/DP vehicle, including:

  • Flipping the car up-side down.
  • Getting hit by a tank (except in GTA San Andreas)
  • Sinking the car in the water.
  • Using the Blow-up all cars cheat.
  • Getting in the vehicle while the player is on fire.
  • Using a car bomb to detonate the vehicle.
  • Taking the car to the crusher and crush the vehicle.
  • Taking it to a girlfriends' house and have coffee with her/them then the car will lose its special property and simply become normal again.
Vehicle Unique traits Availability Image
(for unique colors and vehicles)
Barracks OL BP Arms Shortage
Bobcat BP, FP, EP Evidence Dash
Cheetah Red color, PC Grand Theft Auto Cheetah-GTAIII-GrandTheftAuto-front.jpg
Cheetah BP, FP, EP Turismo
Ghost Black color (PC and Xbox versions), R Gone Fishing Ghost-GTAIII-front.jpg
Ghost R (PS2 version) Gone Fishing Ghost-GTAIII-PS2recreation.jpg
Helicopter R, U The Exchange Helicopter-GTAIII-side.jpg
Infernus Metallic orange color, PC Grand Theft Auto Infernus-GTAIII-GrandTheftAuto-front.jpg
Kuruma Teal color Give Me Liberty Kuruma-GTAIII-GiveMeLiberty-front.jpg
Manana Forelli corpse in the trunk, R Dead Skunk In The Trunk Manana-GTAIII-DeadSkunkintheTrunk.png
Patriot BP Marked Man
Rumpo Black color Under Surveillance Rumpo-GTAIII-UnderSurveillance-front.jpg
Securicar BP, FP Van Heist
Securicar Black trims Escort Service
Sentinel DP Bait
Stinger Magenta-red color, PC Grand Theft Auto Stinger-GTAIII-GrandTheftAuto-front.jpg
Stretch Gloss black color
Salvatore's Called A Meeting
Trashmaster BP, FP Blow Fish