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Rage1651's Profile

Hello. I'm Rage1651. I've been a fan of the GTA series for a number of years, and I primarily play GTA 3 on Android and SA on iOS.

I hate Wikia. It's a useless, unreliable, and dangerous website full of trash!

My Problems with this Wiki

  • Grammar
  • Outdated Pages
  • Lack of pages for the new stuff, especially stuff in GTA V

GTA Games I've Played

  • GTA 3 (PC, iOS, Android [Current])
  • GTA Vice City (PS2, PC, iOS, Android) - 100% Complete on iOS!
  • GTA San Andreas (PS2, PC, iOS [Current], Android)
  • GTA Advance (GBA)
  • GTA Liberty City Stories (PSP) - 100% Complete!
  • GTA 5 (Xbox 360)

Favorite GTA Characters

Favorite GTA Gangs (GTA 3 Era)

Favorite GTA Vehicles

Favorite GTA Quotes


Creepy Old Guy
  • Hello.
  • Yup, I've been drinking again.
  • I swear, I thought she was my second cousin.
  • What? She's my cousin?!
  • Hell no!
  • I drill your ass!
  • My mother's my sister!
Construction Workers
  • I'll run your ass over!
  • It's your funeral!
  • Come on, pretty boy!
  • You got a death wish?
  • I'll roast you.
  • Wanna party?
  • What are you doing?
  • Put it down!
  • Not me!
  • You can sail the Seven Seas.
  • In the Navy.
  • Call the YMCA.
  • My back is killing me.
  • My toolbox!
Black Aspatria Fan
  • Okay then...
  • I'll murder ya!
  • Pathetic!
  • Big man, huh?
  • Real skinny!
  • Come to Daddy!
  • You play card?
  • Huh? You wanna fight?
  • I am responsible!
  • If, if that's your game!
  • I ain't scared of you!
  • I warn you!
  • I'm going to kill you!
  • My car!
  • It's no problem to kill you.
  • You gonna be sorry.
  • Run or die!
  • Bad boy!
  • This is the Police. Stop!
  • Don't move a muscle! (when arresting the player)
  • You're under arrest!
  • Police Department.
  • Stop!
  • Police! (when said by the same voice actor who says “He's over there.”)
  • Police! Freeze!
  • FBI! Stop!
  • I'm gonna kill you!
  • This is the FBI!
  • Hold it!
  • We got him.
  • You don't fool with the law.
Old Little Italy Lady/Old Shopper
  • We're going to a robot.
  • Steal his license!
  • Get me outta here!
  • He's a lunatic!

GTA Vice City

  • My mama, he hotter than you.
  • I slap you so hard you're gonna cry!
  • You're so tough in your woman's clothes, amigo!
  • You want some of mine, baby? Huh? Ah, you asked for it!
  • I kill you, papo.
  • I ain't afraid of you.
  • I'm going to that Malibu discothequa.
  • You can look, but you can't touch.
  • Hey, mind the ladies.
Vercetti Gang
  • Hey, Mario.
  • Don't push the Mario man!
  • Hey, hey, hey! It's Mr.V!
  • What did I do to you?
  • What's this all about?
  • I gotta hit you back!
  • Talk to me!
Construction Workers
  • I'll erase you from existence!
  • I'll dunk your effin donut!
  • Ha, you missed!
  • I'll catch up to that, prick!
  • PRICK!
  • What the hell are you doing?
  • Holy Christmas!
  • What the f-!
  • You'll be dead!
  • Nice ass, baby!
  • Grah!
  • I kill you!
  • Now this is fun!
  • You're dead!
  • Come here. I won't bite.
  • Come here. I WILL bite!
  • Oh, I see. You wanna lose your nads.
  • Get out of my freaking way!
  • I am the wrong chick to mess with today!
Girls with Shopping Bags
  • Where did you learn to walk, dear?
  • Animal!
  • My bag!
  • Please regard others.
  • That could have hit me!
  • Oh, my goodness! That was close!
  • Watch that outfit!
  • Take this! Take that! Feel the rage!
  • I'm gonna feed your face to my dog!
Haitian Gang
  • Yell, little man! Yell!
  • I want to hear you scream!
  • I will bury you!
  • Mother!
  • You are as good as dead!
  • I will not stop!
  • The spirits will chase you!
  • You evil man!
VCPD Officers
  • You really wanna fight?
  • Can't you just run away?
  • You're really boring me, Mister.
  • Order. Order. Come on!
  • I hope, for your sake, I don't catch you!
  • Is that the best you got?
  • Don't run away from me!
  • Stop, or I'll call for backup!
  • Show me your license.
  • Give me an ID.
  • Show me some ID.
  • You got ID?
  • I'll need to see your license.
  • Don't move a muscle, chump!
  • What are you doing?
  • I'm trained!
  • I'm too old to jump this far.
  • I know Jiu-Jitsu, sir!
  • You're really making me mad!
  • I may have to hurt you!
  • I'm taking my shot!
  • He's out of control. Cap him.
  • Waste him, we're always right.
  • We have you fully surrounded, criminal!
  • You think that's funny, wise guy?
  • I am an officer of the Law. Stop!
  • Sir, you must stop now!
  • Give me your best shot, big man.
  • I'm enjoying this!
  • You're under arrest!
  • Hey, get back here!
  • I'll beat you for this.
  • This is the FBI! Do not attempt to escape!
  • We have you surrounded! This is the FBI!
  • FBI! Stop!
  • I'll take out this lunatic!
  • Don't try anything stupid! This is the FBI!
  • FBI! Your game's over!
  • Locked and loaded. He's going down.
  • If only people were as polite as machines.
  • This is why I stay inside.
  • Simply no manners.
  • Behave!
  • Too close for comfort.
  • You left skidmarks on my shoes.
  • My, what a princess.
  • Just open up and say "Ouch!"
  • I don't wanna have it come to this.
  • Why, you idiot!
  • I promise you, this is gonna hurt!
  • People are DUMBER than machines!
  • Your life means nothing to me!
  • I'm gonna give you a laughing sendoff, man!
  • Sidewalk's big enough for two!
  • Damn, honey! You are a hot dish!/Damn, buddy! You were a hot dish!
  • What up, jockey?
  • Hey, baby. You just bounced right off me.
  • Stop blocking me, you baha.
  • And I'm on medication!
  • You didn't think I could fight, did you?
  • I trained how to fight on safari.
  • I've wrestled bears twice your size.
  • This bag is pure alligator with metal studs.
  • You drove me over the edge.
  • Die in a pool of your own blood!
  • Feel the wrath of my anger!
  • I am the ultimate weapon!
  • If there was a perfect man.
  • I would have kicked his ass by now.
  • After this, I'm going after your lady.
  • Murder is not out of my mind right now!
  • It'll be alright♪
  • I'mma beat your ass!
  • Come here! I'll smash your face in!
  • Come on, then!
  • You join this, punk?
  • Think you can mess with us?
  • We're the security, asshole!
  • You little wimp.
  • You won't live to see tomorrow.
  • I mean business.
  • I'll break your neck!
  • Moron.
  • I love my wife and my girlfriend equally.
  • Hey, man. That's not fair!
  • This is not nice, man!
  • What did I do to you, huh?
  • It's the real deal.
  • Oh yeah, man. Look at that car!
  • Oh yeah, point that thing somewhere else.
  • You're a disgrace!
  • I don't like fighting, man!
  • Feel my brass balls, man!
  • My cortella's gonna hit your head!
  • No respect, idiota!
  • How old do you think I am?
Vice Squad
  • Freeze! Vice!
  • Say goodbye to Vice City, kid.
  • V.C. Vice! You're screwed, pal!
  • Get this scumbag out of my face.
  • Take a last look at the beach, buddy!
  • I can't take it anymore!
VCPD Maverick
  • This is the VCPD! You are under arrest!
  • You are completely surrounded!
  • Put your weapon down and surrender!
  • Aerial Support! Suspect in range!
  • VCPD! Stop right now!
  • Vice City SWAT! You are completely surrounded!
  • You've had your last chance!
  • Thanks for the money, sucker!
  • Wow, you totally hit me, jerk!
Tommy Vercetti
  • You think prison reforms people, mister?
  • Vercetti. Remember the name.
  • Dumb. Florida. Moron.
  • You drive like you look: stupid.
  • Tough guy! (when fighting with someone)
  • You're really dumb, aren't you?
  • Keep punching.
  • You happy now?
  • You wanted this!
  • It was only gonna end like this!
  • I guess this was inevitable!
  • I don't want this! Enjoy!
  • A personal favor from me!
  • If I have to kill you, I will!
  • Keep quiet.
  • Do not annoy me.
  • Don't annoy me!
  • Get away from me!
  • Loser!
  • You were hardly worth robbing.
  • Enjoy hospital!
  • Guns are legal in Vice City, pal.
  • You keep pushing me? You get this!
  • You ain't a cop, you're a robot.
  • You don't need it anyhow.
  • Thank you! (when collecting money)

GTA San Andreas

  • Did ya steal your license?
  • Ah, you so kind.
  • Welcome to America.
  • Ahh, screw you.
  • You want this?! Huh?!
  • Who's laughing now?
  • Ain't that a suprise? I got a gun.
  • Ah, look. A gun.
  • Ah, you're too kind.
  • Aww, man. Thanks for that.
  • Nobody punches CJ!
  • Huh? What?
  • You deserve this.
  • Get out of my face.

(others as well)

LSPD Officers
  • You and me, pal!
  • You got a problem with authority?
  • I'm gonna take this guy down!
  • Need help?
  • Officer in need of backup.
  • I'm onto you!
SFPD Officers
  • I understand why you wanna hit me!
Police Bikers
  • I'll risk a suspension for this.
  • I'm about to contribute to your delinquency.
Pedestrians Liking CJ's Car
  • You must have money to drive a car like that.
San Fierro Triads
  • You got brainfreeze or something?
  • Move it!
  • You want us to torch you?
  • Get out of the way, button head!
  • Off the road, idiot!
  • So sorry.
  • Button chops!
  • Man, you dress way cool, dude.
  • Give me some covering fire!
  • Keep his damn head down!
  • I'll hunt you down!
  • Aww, how embarassing.

GTA Vice City Stories

Victor Vance
  • This is a shortcut to Hell.
  • Have a nice death.

Other Things

  • I absolutely love McLaren P1s!

Favorite video

GTA Vice City Pedestrians rioting with weapons
“Call to a 10-1 west Viceport.”
“Call to a 10-19 west Viceport.”
“There's a 10-71 west Viceport.”

Vice City Riots
“Call to a 10-SWITCH CAR west Vice Point.”
“Call to a 10-74 west Vice Point.”
“Damn, buddy! You were a hot dish!”/“Damn, honey! You are a hot dish!”