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Mike Griffin, a builder in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Many builders share the same character model as him.

Builders are NPC pedestrians found around every city in every Grand Theft Auto game. They are most commonly found at industrial neighborhoods of cities and in construction sites. In the GTA III Era, most builders look very similar, some sharing the same pedestrian model, and usually wear common jackets and shirts, jeans and hard hats. Since the GTA IV Era, builders appearances look more varied and are found doing lots of different activities.


In Grand Theft Auto III, builders appear randomnly at any part of Liberty City, most prominently at industrial areas auch as Portland Harbor.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, builders are commonly found in Viceport, where most of the pedestrians around are workers. They now appear at construction sites like Avery Carrington's. They are commonly seen driving industrial vehicles (mostly Mules, Bensons, Yankees, Burritoes, Rumpos, Ponies, Trashmasters, Packers, flatbeds, Bobcats, Waltons and Securicars). Some builders carry hammers and screwdrivers; the player can obtain one by killing the builder and stealing it.

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, builders continue to appear at industrial areas of cities, such as the Hunter Quarry.

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, builders make a manifestation at Portland Harbor and Harwood against the tunnels and supporting the ferries. When the player enters this areas, they will attack him with baseball bats.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, builders are seen in the same areas as GTA Vice City.


Since Grand Theft Auto IV, builders are never seen around normal parts of Liberty City, but only in construction sites or streets being worked on. They are more varied and are always seen together.

Builders are now seen working on different activities. They can be using shovels, hammers or drills on the dirt of construction yards and holes in streets. Some are just talking to others or standing in the street while holding a sign to warn drivers there is a working area ahead. Workers in GTA IV also seem to keep to regular working hours: they'll often not be present in the overnight hours, but will appear once dawn breaks.


  • Mike Griffin is disguised as a builder, having the same model as many of them.
  • Although the vehicles that builders are seen driving are industrial vehicles, they are actually not vehicles that builders would normally drive in or around a construction site.