Sweet & Kendl

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Sweet & Kendl
Kendl Johnson embraces Carl as they reunite at the cemetery.

Kendl Johnson embraces Carl as they reunite at the cemetery.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Kendl Johnson
Location Vinewood, Los Santos, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Ryder
Unlocked by Big Smoke

Sweet & Kendl is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by his brother Sweet and sister Kendl Johnson from the cemetery in the Vinewood district of Los Santos, San Andreas.


Big Smoke and Carl Johnson arrive at the funeral and are greeted by Kendl, Carl's sister. Carl and Sweet meet but Sweet is hostile towards his brother, after the death of their other brother Brian in 1987. Kendl then decides to leave and meet her boyfriend Cesar Vialpando, the leader of the rival gang Varrios Los Aztecas, but is temporarily stopped by Sweet who argues with her about Cesar. After Kendl leaves, Sweet points out the graves of Tony, Big Devil and Little Devil, before the Carl, Sweet, Smoke and Ryder decide to return to Grove Street. Some Ballas gangsters perform a drive-by shooting and destroy Smoke's Perennial, with the four stealing four BMX's and riding to a car park under a freeway at Mulholland Intersection, evading the pursuing Ballas in their Voodoo. Sweet decides that the group should split up and Sweet heads off in a different direction with the Ballas Voodoo following, allowing Carl, Smoke and Ryder to ride away in safety until they get to a freeway bordering Idlewood, where the Ballas re-appear and chase them back to Grove Street in Ganton. Carl, Ryder and Smoke arrive back in Ganton and shortly after Sweet arrives, with Carl announcing his intention to stay in Los Santos and to help the Grove Street Families, before leaving the group and entering the Johnson House.


Big Smoke: I've missed you these five years, man - they gonna be real happy to see you. Hey, what's up, y'all? Look who I found hanging around.

Kendl Johnson: Carl, hey, good to see you.

Carl Johnson: I can't believe she's gone, man.

Sweet: That's another funeral you ran away from, fool. Just like Brian's.

Carl Johnson: Hey, she was my Momma too.

Sweet: Not for the past 5 years she wasn't, nigga.

(Disgusted with Sweet's behavior, Kendl begins to walk away.)

Sweet: And were the fuck you think you're going?

Kendl Johnson: What? Get out of my face. I'm going to see Cesar.

Sweet: The hell you are, girl! You ain't messing with them eses, you know we beefing, they ain't nothing but a bunch of lowlifes.

Kendl Johnson: Look, I love him! And what the fuck are you?

Sweet: At least I got principles.

Kendl Johnson: Oh, and I guess that makes you an upstanding American. Carl, tell him!

Sweet: Carl, don't tell me shit, bitch.

Carl Johnson: As long as he treats her right. (To Kendl) Disrespect you, and he's dead.

Sweet: How the hell you gonna say that? Like it's any business of yours.

Kendl Johnson: Fuck you, Sweet. What an asshole.

(Kendl leaves.)

Carl Johnson: Oh, shit - here we go again.

Sweet: This shit's real fucked up. Everything!

Carl Johnson: What you mean?

Sweet: What, apart from your Mother being dead? Things are going real bad. Here, let me show you, running man. Tony's buried over there. Little Devil over there, Big Devil over there. Man, it's just crazy - everybody blasts on fools first then asks questions second.

(Carl, Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder walk towards Smoke's car)

Ryder: Ballas! Drive by! Incoming!

(Big Smoke's car is destroyed by the Ballas.)

Big Smoke: Awww, mother-fucker, my car!

Sweet: We gotta get back to the 'hood, man, it's too crazy round here! Grab a bike and pedal. Even you ain't forgotten that. Follow my lead!

(They ride down the street)

Sweet: Takes you back some, huh CJ. Yeah.

Carl Johnson: Things has changed around here.

Sweet: Watch your back around here, man!

Carl Johnson: How'd it get so bad? I thought this was Families turf.

Sweet: Yeah, it's Temple Drive Families, we don't run with them no more. Move it CJ, move it!

(Carl, Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder cycle to a car park under the Mulholland Intersection)

Sweet: Shit! A Ballas car is onto us! Split up!

(Sweet cycles away, with the Ballas chasing him, whilst Carl, Big Smoke and Ryder begin to cycle back to Grove Street)

Ryder: Keep up, mother-fucker! You're just a liability CJ. Why you bother coming back?

Big Smoke: Straight back into the game, right dog? Was it this bad before you left? East Coast got you all thinned out holmes.

(CJ behind a little but catches up)

Big Smoke: What's wrong CJ? Can't keep up with the fat man?

Ryder: Keep up CJ, you're embarssing us nigga.

(Carl, Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder all cycle back to Grove Street)

Ryder: I got with them mother-fuckers though - showed them niggaz who's gangsta. Ryder, nigga!

Sweet: So when you leaving, Carl?

Carl Johnson: I ain't sure. Thought I might stay. Things is fucked up.

Sweet: Well, the last thing we need is your help.

Carl Johnson: Aw man, I won't let you down, I swear.

Sweet: Hey, we're gonna call up some 'hood rats and chill the hell out. You want some?

Carl Johnson: I gotta whole lot going on, and I'm tired. I'll catch ya'll later.

Big Smoke: Hey yo' just drop in. We all hangin' out.

Ryder: Yeah, and get yourself some colors, fool. And a haircut - it's embarrassing to be seen with you!


  • It is not necessary to steal the BMX bike to continue the mission, the player can simply get a car and finish the mission.
  • Despite the game instructions, the player can head as far from Sweet or Ryder as possible and not fail the mission. However, once CJ is a certain distance from whoever he's following, they will simply stop moving and he has to get back close enough to continue.
  • Big Smoke's car which is seen getting destroyed has a unique all black color.
  • The Ballas drive a unique light red Voodoo in this mission.
  • If the player kills the driver of the Ballas car before reaching the Mulholland intersection, Sweet will stay with the rest of the group.
  • Saving the game after completing this mission will cause the save file to read as "Big Smoke", as this mission is an immediate continuation of the cutscene in "Big Smoke".


The reward for completing this mission is an increase in respect and the Johnson House is available for use by the player as well as the ability to buy safehouses in Los Santos. Completing the mission unlocks the Ryder mission.


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