Jewish Mob

Jewish Mob
Games: GTA IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Locations: Liberty City
Leader: Isaac Roth
Type: Jewish Crime Syndicate
Enemies: Ray Boccino
Niko Bellic
Luis Lopez
Affiliations: Ray Boccino (formerly)
Claude Wome
Colors: Black
Vehicles: PMP 600s
Weapons: Pistol
Desert Eagle
Combat Shotgun
Micro Uzi
Businesses: Diamonds
Members: Isaac Roth (deceased)
Mori Green (deceased)

The Jewish Mob is a criminal organization which appeared in Grand Theft Auto IV. The scale of this mob and its general operations is unknown, but its members show up in two missions involving a diamond purchase gone wrong. Isaac Roth, a Hasidic Jew, appears to be the boss of the operation, with Mori Green, a mainstream Orthodox Jew, as his right hand man.

The LCPD database says that Roth, Green and the Jewish Mob in general make frequent deals with African warlord Claude Wome, a dealer in conflict diamonds.

Green is killed by Luis Fernando Lopez at the failed deal at the Libertonian Museum in Museum Piece. Roth is killed at the Majestic Hotel by Niko Bellic, under orders of Ray Boccino, in the mission Late Checkout.

GTA IV's Jewish Mob is based of the real-life Jewish-American organised crime movement in New York.