Lupisella Family

Lupisella Family
Games: GTA IV
Locations: Bohan
Little Italy, Algonquin;
Liberty City
Leader: Vincent Lupisella
Mark Lupisella
Type: Italian-American Mafia family
Vehicles: Sentinel XS
Sports PMP 600
Weapons: Knife, Pistol, SMG , Uzi and Combat Shotgun
Businesses: Racketeering
Members: Sonny Honorato, Moe Schwartz

The Lupisella crime family is the fourth-most powerful family and an Algonquin and Bohan, Liberty City based Cosa Nostra family. The Lupisella organisation is one of the original Liberty City Cosa Nostra families and a member of The Commission. While Mark "Loopy" Lupisella is officially the current Don, he is known to be very unstable and it is rumored that the family's original boss, his 79-year-old "retired" father, Vincent Lupisella, is actually still running things.

Reputed Members and Associates


  • Vincent Lupisella, 79, officially retired, the family's original Don is rumored to still be running things.
  • Mark Lupisella, 50, aka "Loopy", son of Vincent Lupisella and officially the current Don despite widespread rumors that Vincent is still in charged.
  • Sonny Honorato (Deceased), 65, family's main hitman, despite his age.



The Lupisella family is likely based on the real-life Lucchese crime family, which is one of the Five Families in New York City and is based in Lower West Manhattan (Algonquin) and the Southeast Bronx (Bohan). They are the only mafia family not to appear in any of the games, only been mentioned through the LCPD database. However, they may have possibly made an appearance in The Ballad Of Gay Tony during Drug Wars.


  • Luis Lopez reveals during the mission Blog This!... that he previously dated Mark Lupisella's daughter Dani, who tried to get her father to castrate him when he ended the relationship.