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This is a list of phone calls throughout the GTA series.

Phone Calls in GTA Vice City

Call 1

(Obtained after completion of the mission Back Alley Brawl.)

Caller: Hey Leo, I think we have buyer for Diaz's merchandise. You've gotta give them a ring man, set up the deal, you know?

Tommy Vercetti: Where are you now?

Caller: You okay Leo? You sound kinda different.

Tommy Vercetti: Just tell me where you are!

Caller: Who the hell is this? Put Leo on man!

Tommy Vercetti: Leo's gone away for a while, he left me in charge.

Caller: Screw you, man!

Call 2

(Obtained after completing the mission Jury Fury.)

Sonny Forelli: Hey Tommy, it's Sonny. How's the sun tan?

Tommy Vercetti: I ain't got no sun tan.

Sonny Forelli: Well, you ain't got my money, either, so I'm wondering to myself, what are you doing? So, tell me, Tommy, what are you doing?

Tommy Vercetti: I'm looking for the money, Sonny. Don't worry.

Sonny Forelli: I am worrying, Tommy, that's my style, because I seem to have this problem in my life with unreliable people. Don't be an unreliable person, Tommy, please. Do us both a favor. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Call 3

(Obtained after completing the mission Jury Fury.)

Mr. Black: Get to the payphone at the Mall in Washington.

Call 4

(Obtained after completion of the mission Riot)

Juan Cortez: Hola, is this Mr. Vercetti?

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah.

Juan Cortez: This is Cortez. You were at my party.

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah, I remember.

Juan Cortez: Mr. Vercetti, it was a most unfortunate incident happened with your business deal.

Tommy Vercetti: I know.

Juan Cortez: I want you to know me, and my people are doing their utmost to get to the bottom of it. If you'd like to talk to me more privately , you can find me at the boat, eh? Good day, senor.

Call 5

(Obtained after the completion of the mission Mall Shootout)

Mr. Black: Get to the payphone in Vice Point.

Call 6

(Obtained after the completion of the mission Guardian Angels.)

Ricardo Diaz: Tommy, is Ricardo Diaz. I want to thank you for looking out for me my man. I ask that prick Cortez, he say you the real deal, my friend, why you not come see me. I need a guy like you. All I have now is dickheads, dickheads everywhere, yo. I make you real rich.

Call 7

(Obtained after the completion of the mission Two Bit Hit.)

Umberto Robina: Hey Leo, I got some work for you!

Tommy Vercetti: This ain't Leo.

Umberto Robina: Hey, if Leo knows you got his phone, he gonna kill you!

Tommy Vercetti: Maybe Leo's already dead. Maybe I killed Leo and took his phone - you think of that prick?

Umberto Robina: You killed Leo? You must have big cojones - you want to work for me?! Drop by my father's cafe in Little Havana and we'll talk mano a mano.

Call 8

(Obtained after the completion of the mission Phnom Penh '86)

Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez: Tommy, it's me, Colonel Cortez. Look señor, I believe you are a man who can get things done. So please help me. You can find me at the boat.

Call 9

(Obtained after the completion of the mission The Fastest Boat.)

Mr. Black: Get to the payphone at the Mall in Washington.

Call 10

(Obtained shortly after the completion of the mission Supply & Demand.)

Lance Vance: Yo, Tommy, it's Lance.

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah?

Lance Vance: Oh, nice to hear from you, Lance. Come on, man, be cool, be cool.

Tommy Vercetti: I'm in the middle of something. What do you want?

Lance Vance: Nothing. Just to say, you know. Look, Tommy, we can do this thing. You and me, no problem. You know what I mean?

Tommy Vercetti: We're going to have to do it, 'cause otherwise, we're going to be dead, Lance. We're in too far now. But thanks for the call. I'll speak to you later.

Call 11

(Obtained after the completion of the mission Sir, Yes Sir!)

Kent Paul: Awright me ol'china! It's Paul. I might have a little result for you, but I need to speak to you in person. I'm enjoying a little R&R at the Club Malibu. Reckon you're gonna owe me a favor or two after this, sunshine. I'll see you later.

Call 12

(Obtained shortly after the completion of the mission Death Row.)

Juan Cortez: Tommy, Thomas, it's Cortez. Look, the French are giving me all kinds of trouble, amigo. Damn hypocrites. They spend a hundred years stealing from poor countries and they call me a thief! I am going to need your help as soon as possible, amigo. So please hurry, Tommy, I need you, alright? I hate the damn French.

Call 13

(Obtained after the completion of the mission Rub Out.)

Mr. Black: Get to the payphone at the airport terminal.

Call 14

(Obtained shortly after Call 13)

Kent Paul: "Tommy son, have I got a surprise for you, I'm down at the recording studios with some major artists. Why don't you pay us a visit? You know it makes sense, dontcha? See ya later."

Call 15

(Obtained shortly after the completion of the mission Shakedown.)

Avery Carrington: Howdy son, just thought I'd ring you up and give you some advice.

Tommy Vercetti: Hey, Avery, what's eating you?

Avery Carrington: There's a lot of opportunity in this town if you own the right real estate, you catch my drift?

Tommy Vercetti: I reckon so...

Avery Carrington: All I'm saying is keep your eyes open and you might find the perfect business opportunity. I'll catch y'later.

Tommy Vercetti: Later, Avery.

Call 16

(Obtained shortly after the completion of the mission Bar Brawl.)

Lance Vance: Tommy, we gotta talk about stuff...

Tommy Vercetti: What's the problem, Lance?

Lance Vance: It's you, my friend, I feel you're not giving me a fair slice. And more than that, you been embarrassing me in front of the boys. I can't have that.

Tommy Vercetti: Lance, it ain't like that. You've been making mistakes.

Lance Vance: Tommy, I'm not your message boy. I'm not your running boy.

Tommy Vercetti: Lance, don't screw up, and we won't have any problems. I screw up, you can lay into me any time.

Lance Vance: Tommy, I've done everything for you, you treat me like a fool. Don't do that.

Tommy Vercetti: Lance, I won't rip you off or stab you in the back, okay? Just take it easy. This is tough enough without you getting all emotional on me. Trust me. Do you hear me, do you hear me?

Lance Vance: I hear you Tommy, but I can't take this much more.

Tommy Vercetti: Lance, don't be like this. Now I'm warning you. Do you hear me? Just relax, take a few days off. Okay? I'll talk to you.

Call 17

(Obtained shortly after the completion of the mission Cop Land.)

Lance Vance: Tommy, it's me, Lance. Keep your mouth shut there Tommy, 'cause I ain't got time to talk. I ain't interested in what you got to say. Why should I be? You don't care about me, do you? You gotta look after me a bit better. Give me a fair slice, you know... Tommy... oh, look, man, I'm sorry. It's just that... People patronize me all my life, treat me like a little kid. My brother would do that. Please, man, don't do that. I gotta go.

Call 18

(Obtained after the completion of the mission Hog Tied)

"Big" Mitch Baker: Hey, it's Mitch. You did good Tommy, it's good to have the old girl back. You tell Kent Paul that he'll get his security for the gig. You have my word on that. Now keep yourself out of trouble.

Call 19

(Obtained after completion of the mission Stunt Boat Challenge)

Auntie Poulet: Thought you need something to make you feel better. So Auntie Poulet make you so stew, aye? Come by me kitchen sometime, ok Tommy.

Call 20

(Obtain after completion of the mission Trojan Voodoo)

Auntie Poulet: Tommy, Tommy why you come back here for? I tell you we don't want to see you around here no more.

Call 21

Umberto Robina: Tommy, is Umberto Robina.

Tommy Vercetti: Hey, how's the cafe?

Umberto Robina: Incredible. Tommy, incredible. No wimps, Tommy, just real men and the beautiful women! Anyway I wanted to tell you, me and my Papi, to us you Cuban. You proved yourself man. you got big cojones.

Tommy: Well thank you Umberto. Nobody said that to me since I left prison. See you around.

Call 22

(Obtain after completion of the mission The Job)

Phil Cassidy: Tommy, I really enjoyed working with you. Ain't have so much fun since that ridge in Nam, pal. Anyhows, you need anything, you call on me you hear? I always remember those who I served with, and I am sure I can help you out, you hear?

Call 23

Sonny Forelli: Tommy.

Tommy Vercetti: Sonny.

Sonny Forelli: Obviously you are suffering from hearing problems, so I'll ask you again. Where is the goddamn money, where is the goddamn stuff, and where's my cut of your new action?! Your making a idiot of me Tommy, and I'm not laughing yet.

Call 24

(Obtained after completion of all the story missions)

Earnest Kelly: Tommy, it's Earnest. Earnest Kelly.

Tommy Vercetti: How are you?

Earnest Kelly: I'm doing okay. I'll need a stick to walk, but I should be back at work soon enough.

Tommy Vercetti: Good.

Earnest Kelly: I heard about Lance. What a little prick, eh?

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah.

Earnest Kelly: Never trust a man who walks the streets in his pajamas. That's what I say. I'm glad you killed him. I hope it was a painful death for that prick.

Tommy Vercetti: I think it was. You know, I just didn't think he was like that...

Earnest Kelly: Tommy for a raging lunatic, you're pretty naive. I'll be back at work soon, teach you a thing or two about life, you hear.

Tommy Vercetti: Take your time, Earnest. Look after yourself.

Phone Calls in San Andreas

Call 1

Carl: Hello?

Sweet: I thought I'd explain some shit.

Carl: Sweet, a, wassup?

Sweet: Since you been away, shit has changed 'round here.

Sweet: Grove Street Families ain't big no more, Seville Boulevard Families and Temple Drive Families are beefing and split with the Grove.

Sweet: Now we so busy set tripping, the Ballas and Vagos have taken' over, so watch yo'self out there.

Sweet: Just because they're wearing green, don't mean they're allies. Copy?

Carl: Yeah I hear you, thanks for the heads-up.

Sweet: Don't mention it.

Call 2

(Obtain shortly after the the completion of the mission Drive-Thru)

Sweet: Hey CJ, It's Sweet.

Carl Johnson: Hey, wassup.

Sweet: If you don't respect your body, ain't nobody going to respect you. You to skinny CJ, you need to pack on some muscle.

Carl Johnson: If I wanted naggin', I'd buy a clock-work wife!

Sweet: Just lookin' out for you, homie. It's all show and respect you know?

Carl Johnson: Yeah, I guess.

Sweet: There's a gym I go to a couple block's out from the Grove. Go check it out and get yo'self a gangsta physique.

Carl: I'll scope it out, later man.

Call 3

(Obtain if the player gets CJ fat).

Big Smoke: Yo Carl, it's Smoke.

Carl: Hey Smoke?

Smoke: Hey Carl, I don't mean no disrespect so don't take it like that, Uh, I got to give you some advice.

Carl: What?

Big Smoke: The gym my friend. You're letting yourself go.

Carl Johnson: That's a bit much coming from you.

Big Smoke: Hey look Carl, I'm big boned. But I'm still an athlete. Your letting yourself go my friend. And to be honest with you, it's breaking my heart.

Carl Johnson: Gimme a break, I ain't as fat as you.

Big Smoke: I'm trying, I'm trying. And I'm trying to help you help yourself. The gym, Carl. You hear me?

Carl Johnson: Screw you, man.