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Hello everybody, I'm Rane. I am from Denmark and I am 15 years old. My username is Fisk95 and "fisk" translates to "fish" and the reason I chose that, is that almost everybody calls me "Fisk" and I love fish.

GTA: San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is my favorite game of all times, and also the game I have played the most of all.


I have also been playing GTA IV (on PS3) a lot.

I have also been playing GTA 1, GTA 2, GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA: Vice City Stories, but not as much as San Andreas and GTA IV, so I can't remember that much from them.

Other Games

This is the collection of games, besides GTA, that I own.


PlayStation 2

PlayStation 3