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San Fierro


Image Name Description
AvispaCountryClub-GTASA.jpg Avispa Country Club The Avispa Country Club is, as hinted, a country club, featuring a considerably large golf course, four tennis courts and the country club's main building.
It is based on the Cliff House.
BatteryPoint-GTASA.jpg Battery Point A stronghold for the San Fierro Rifa gang, Battery Point is a district situated under the Gant Bridge. Tourists and denizens of San Fierro come frequently to this place to enjoy the view of the San Fierro Bay or have fun at Jizzy's Pleasure Domes.
It is based on Fort Point.
CaltonHeights-GTASA.jpg Calton Heights Calton Heights is the most affluent district of the city, featuring grandeur and expensive residences and well-dressed residents and pedestrians. A territory of the local Triads, it also houses Windy Windy Windy Windy Street and a safehouse for the player to buy.
It is based on Pacific Heights.
ChinatownSanFierro-GTASA.jpg Chinatown Chinatown is a small district situated at the center of the city, and is home to a predominantly Asian community. Another territory of the local Triads, it is also home to one of their leaders, Wu Zi Mu. Also, a safehouse can be purchased by the player here, located near the archway leading to Chinatown.
It is modeled after Chinatown, San Francisco.
Doherty-GTASA.jpg Doherty Doherty is a predominantly industrial district, and a stronghold for the San Fierro Rifa. Prominent features in the district include Cranberry Station, Driving School, a construction site, a yay factory and a fire station. Carl Johnson owns a derelict Xoomer garage in the area, and may purchase a safehouse across the Driving School.
It is modeled after Dogpatch.
DowntownSanFierro-GTASA.jpg Downtown As probably expected, Downtown is a bustling commercial district, home to some of San Fierro's tallest buildings. Prominent places include the San Fierro Police Department's headquaters and the Zombotech Corporation's headquarters. Michelle Cannes also resides at the northern part of the area.
EasterBasin-GTASA.jpg Easter Basin Easter Basin is the district serving as the city's seaport. In here, a drydock is found, as well as a container ship for importing and exporting various vehicles. A naval base is also be found here; one must always exercise caution here, as entering the base will guarantee police and FBI attention.
It is apparently modeled after Hunters Point, India Basin and China Basin.
EasterBayAirport-GTASA-northeastwards.jpg Easter Bay Airport Easter Bay Airport is San Fierro's airport, and it is the state's largest airport. Like an ideal busy airport, heavy traffic usually happens around the area. It features an underground parking lot, as well as numerous aircraft-related vehicles in the tarmac.
It is based on San Francisco International Airport.

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