A fully-equipped Akuma in The Ballad of Gay Tony (Stripped).
A fully-equipped Akuma in The Ballad of Gay Tony
A fully-equipped Akuma in The Ballad of Gay Tony
Appearance(s) The Ballad of Gay Tony
Vehicle type Civilian motorbike
Body style Streetfighter
Capacity Two (driver and passenger)

The Akuma is a sportsbike featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony, a Grand Theft Auto IV episode, as well as Grand Theft Auto V.


Seemingly based on the Buell XB12Scg, the Akuma is a modern streetfighter centered around high speed riding, with its design partially derived from the Double T, sharing the same gas tank, rim, and seating models. Although the bike is often depicted as being stripped down, the Akuma may also feature any of a multitude of visual configurations, including:

  • Optional front and rear fenders; the bikes may appear with any of the two, both, or none at all;
  • Optional miniature carbon fibre fairing and rear mirrors; and
  • Three seating and exhaust pipe configurations, including:
    • A large framed seat with a brake light and twin full-length exhaust pipes mounted underneath;
    • A medium framed seat with a brake light and a full-length exhaust pipe mounted on the right side; and
    • A flat springer seat with no brake light, and a massive air intake and a short unrestricted exhaust outlet at the engine block.

This variety thus allows the bike to sport 24 different cosmetic configurations, rendering fully-equipped or fully-stripped Akumas considerably difficult to obtain.


The Akuma's aggressive styling is matched by its raw power and high performance. While its overpowered rear torque (which can occasionally trigger wheelie starts) and unreliable gear shifting hampers stability and the bike's otherwise good acceleration, the bike has a relatively high top speed of 138 kph/85 mph. The Akuma also allows the player to tilt the bike sideways lower in turns, allowing the bike to negotiate sharper corners at higher speeds; alternately, its rear torque can send the bike drifting sharply against the player's will.

These traits, however, work against the Akuma's brakes, which, while still excellent, are only effective when used to slow down a bike in up to a moderately high speed or to completely stop a bike from moderately high speeds. At higher speeds, the bike tends to require a substantial braking distance.


  • "Akuma" is the name of a demon from Japanese mythology.
  • Although the Akuma may come with a rear seat configuration that has no brake light, players can still see red illuminations on surfaces behind the bike when braking or when riding at night.
  • The Akuma tunes in to Radio Broker or Electro-Choc by default when first ridden by the player.
  • The Akuma suffers from a color glitch with Pay 'n' Spray, when it will permanently lock onto a dark red color if the player tries to respray it.
  • The player can spawn the Akuma by dialing in the cheat code: 625-555-0200. Using the cheat code is the only way to obtain an Akuma in single player, as they are only available in multiplayer.

See also

  • Vader, a similar sportsbike in The Ballad of Gay Tony.