Last Requests

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Last Requests
Salvatore Leone telling Claude that before they can celebrate their success he needs a body in a car to be disposed of before the police discover it.
Salvatore Leone telling Claude that before they can celebrate their success he needs a body in a car to be disposed of before the police discover it.

Salvatore Leone telling Claude that before they can celebrate their success he needs a body in a car to be disposed of before the police discover it.
For Salvatore Leone
Target Cheetah
Location Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City
Fail Death of Claude
Arrest of Claude
Death of Maria Latore
Death of Asuka Kasen
Reward $20,000
Unlocks Staunton Island
Sayonara Salvatore
Unlocked by Bomb Da Base Act II

Last Requests is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone from his mansion in Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City.

Note: This mission prevents the player from completing Luigi Goterelli's and Joey Leone's missions, which means that the player should complete them before doing this mission if they want to achieve 100% completion.


Claude goes to Salvatore's mansion to celebrate destroying the ship docked in Portland Harbor used by the Colombian Cartel to manufacture SPANK. Salvatore tells Claude that there is one more thing he needs doing before they can celebrate. A car needs to be collected from nearby Sex Club Seven and taken to the Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard before the police discover the vehicle, which is covered in brains. Claude begins to drive towards the car. However, Maria Latore pages Claude, saying that the car is a trap - the car is planted with a bomb, and tells Claude to meet her at a small jetty in Callahan Point. Maria describes how she told Salvatore she and Claude were in a romantic relationship and that Claude is a marked man, before introducing Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen. The three travel to Newport, Staunton Island by boat. Maria tells Claude to look around Staunton Island, and Asuka informs Claude of a safehouse he can use.


Salvatore Leone: It's my favorite cleaner. I'm proud of you my boy, you kicked the shit outta those grease balls. I've got just one little job for you before we can all celebrate. There's a car around the block from Luigi's club. The inside is covered in brains. We had to help some guy make up his mind and it proved a little messy. Take it to the crusher before the cops find it.

(Claude drives to the car)

Maria Latore (pager): This is Maria. The car's a trap! Meet me at the slip south of Callahan Bridge.

(Claude is paged by Maria and meets her at Callahan Point)

Maria Latore: Listen, Salvatore thinks that we're going behind his back, so he was offering you to the Cartel in order to make a deal. I couldn't let him do that, I mean the worst thing is, it's all my fault... because I told him, we were an item. Don't ask me why. I don't know. Look you're a marked man on Mafia turf and I've got to get out of here too. I've seen too much killing. Too much blood! This is a friend of mine ok, she's an old friend.. it's Asuka, she's someone we can trust.

Asuka Kasen: C'mon, Enough of the speeches. We better get out of here before we get more hysterical Italians wanting less friendly reunions.

(Claude, Asuka, and Maria travel to Staunton Island)

Maria Latore: Asuka and I are gonna have to talk, uh, Why don't you go cruise around?

Asuka Kasen: You'll need a place to lie low. There's a warehouse at the edge of Belleville that should suit your needs. Come back here to my Condo when you are ready, and we can have a little chat.


The reward for completing the mission is $20,000. Staunton Island is unlocked upon completion of the mission, along with the mission Sayonara Salvatore for Asuka Kasen. The player can now purchase weapons from the Newport Ammu-Nation. The ability to obtain a 5-star wanted level is now unlocked.


  • Getting inside the Cheetah will, obviously, cause the car to explode, killing the player character and thus failing the mission. It is possible to quickly get out of the car right after getting in, so the player may just barely survive the car bomb, and Maria's checkpoint will still remain on the radar. However, if the player does survive the car bomb, they may receive a one-star wanted level.
  • If the player hits Maria or Asuka, then they will automatically have Uzis and will start shooting at you. If you retake control of the boat, they will simply stop shooting and stare at you.
  • The paranoia shown by Salvatore Leone in this mission is similar to his treatment of Toni Cipriani in Driving Mr. Leone in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and may be due to the betrayal of Carl Johnson in the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • Even though Maria says to Claude that "you're a marked man on Mafia turf", he won't be attacked on sight by the Mafia until he kills Salvatore.
  • When Claude approaches Maria and Asuka at the dock, a second Claude is seen behind the controls of the Reefer. This is most easily spotted when the camera is focused on Asuka with the boat behind her.
  • The source of the $20,000 reward after the completion of the mission is ambiguous, as the mission-giver, Salvatore, is obviously not the source. The money is presumed to have been provided by Asuka Kasen to obtain Claude's loyalty to the Yakuza.


Video walkthrough

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