Vehicle Oil Slick

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The Vehicle Oil Slick icon in Grand Theft Auto 2.

The vehicle oil slick is a weapon in GTA 2 mounted in a car in a Car Shop wich you throw in the ground and make other vehicles slip on ground without damaging it. Vehicles are unmanageable when they slip on the oil slick. Oil slicks can be used to get rid of a pursuer or block the passage to some weapon on a multiplayer game. The oil slick does not damage cars by themselves, but it is possible to to cause the victim to drown into the water or explode in a vehicle mine


(To show you coordinates you have to enter a cheat code, use at your own risk)

Residential District
  • Go to the platform over the Mobile RV Park (take the Redemption entrance, or the Village entrance if you haven't completed "Blow Job!"). Drive to the corner over the RV Park where it turns east towards the Village (Mobile RV Park) (18,5 11,5 5)
  • Get a car, go to the road south of the Xenoton car shop and take it on east direction. Use the metal structure to reach the elevated train tracks and follow them towards east (The Village) (162 38 4)
  • Get a car and go to the train tracks near the church. Take the stairs facing south on the west side (Wormley) (119,5 150,5 4)
Industrial District
  • Get a car and go to the pair of grey buildings with transparent roof two squares south of the church. Check the south one (Sennora) (44,5 132,5 2)
  • Building northeast of the large warehouse in Escobar, use a car (Bayano) (84 205 3)